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Mobile Network Operator

Elephant Talk provides a complete solution for Mobile Cloud management and specialising in securing the Mobile Cloud. We provide a mobile enablement platform to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) through a powerful and user-friendly plug and play interface. The modular system provides a whole range of applications using networked embedded technology, which makes the system safer, cheaper, easier to manage, more reliable, and more secure than legacy systems.

Our solutions also help to drive ARPU (Average Revenue per User) through the potential to offer a greater range of services, cost efficiencies and increased engagement with customers. Read more

Planning an MVNO

We help brands create new revenue streams and reach new markets by creating their own branded mobile phone and data services for their customers as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

Becoming an MVNO enables a company to provide new services, generate new revenue, increase customer retention and create new business models. Elephant Talk enables any company to provide the services of a Mobile Network Operator. Not only does this allow consumers to buy mobile telephony and internet services from brands they love and trust, but enables brands to market to individual customers via their mobile devices.
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Running an MVNO

Elephant Talk is an innovative Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE), which connects MVNOs to network operators so they can provide a full set of a mobile (voice, signal and data) services. Our solutions can save an MVNO up to 90% in running costs and can be deployed rapidly compared to the traditional infrastructure options available to MVNOs. We provide a retail quality network with benchmarked KPIs so MVNOs can provide a quality offering matching or exceeding that of MNOs. Read more

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