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Mobile Network Operator

We provide a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) platform to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) through a powerful and user-friendly plug and play interface. The modular system provides a whole range of applications using networked embedded technology, which makes the system safer, cheaper, easier to manage, more reliable, and more secure than legacy systems. Our solutions also help to drive ARPU (Average Revenue per User) through the potential to offer a greater range of services, cost efficiencies and increased engagement with customers.

We enable MNOs to create, manage and secure entire mobile networks and offer a fully equipped wholesale mobile cloud by providing our services through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Our flexible, scalable and easy to deploy system allows MNOs to upgrade and replace their overly complicated, difficult to maintain legacy systems with a very low CAPEX and Total Cost of Ownership.

Addressing the modern MNO’s needs

Our offering was created based around the business reality and needs of today’s network operators in a fiercely competitive market. We built a system based on five pillars:

Flexibility - the need to respond quickly to market and competitive pressures and the urgency of service deployment.

Reliability – the mission critical importance of stable and credible operations without failures and problems. High KPIs are met in order to ensure reliability.

Scalability – the ability to expand the infrastructure and network provision as demand increases.

Cost Efficiency – reduced CAPEX, OPEX and TCO create value for money and profitability.

Simplification – solutions that enhance rather than interrupt existing operations. For instance, customers can easily be migrated without the need for a physical SIM swap, minimizing disruption and increasing customer satisfaction.

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