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Planning an MVNO

Pareteum helps customers to create new revenue streams and reach new markets by creating their own branded mobile phone and data services for their customers as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

We enable any company to provide the services of a Mobile Network Operator. Not only does this allow consumers to buy mobile telephony and internet services from brands they love and trust, but enables brands to market to individual customers via their mobile devices.

An MVNO can provide a full set of mobile services including voice, SMS and broadband mobile data. We also offer additional services like mobile wallets, loyalty solutions and location-based services to their customers.

Brands can extend their reach into their customers’ lives by offering relevant content, incentives and offers at the right time and in the right place. This can mean anything from vouchers to loyalty schemes to location-based alerts and offers, based on mobile postpaid and prepaid packages that fit each individual’s lifestyle.

Using our solution, an MVNO simply has to leverage its brand and conduct sales and marketing activity. All of this without investing in networks or technology. Pareteum enables companies to extend their brand capabilities and create innovative business models through a single system based in the mobile cloud.

Creating a mobile offering usually requires a vast capital outlay and the creation and maintenance of multi layered systems, but our solution is managed totally through an easy to use and non-technical web interface.

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