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"Our ambition is to deliver real added value for our customers and sport clubs, with features like mobile ticketing and loyalty programs. We believe we can achieve these goals by utilizing the Elephant Talk platform, industry expertise and developmental power. As an added benefit, we needed a supplier that could service us going abroad on very short notice, and Elephant Talk can meet this goal."

Frans Nomden

"Zain will have many new options to offer to mobile customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will introduce new brands that Zain can use to create unique selling points to outplay the competition. For instance, with the rapid increase of smart phones, the popularity of data applications is growing fast. Working with the Elephant Talk platform supports our strategy to set a trend in utilizing the mobile phone to its maximum extent of tomorrow's capability."

Saad AlBaraak


 "Cleartech is very proud to be partner with ET. This partnership allows us to continue providing the Brazilian market with world class services. With our Telecom and Business experience in Brazil together with Elephant Talk ́s experience in the MVNO domain, we are certain we have the best platform for our customers with a flexible business model and strong competitive advantages."

Marcos Bellotti



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