What is Pareteum?

  • Pareteum is a provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) to:
    • Communications Service Providers: learn more here Network Telecom Carriers …. Wired And Wireless
    • Enterprises: Businesses of All Sizes read article
    • loT and M2M: Internet of Things + Machine-to-Machine = all connected things and devices
  • Pareteum enables customers to:
  • Alternatives if TEUM services aren’t used:
    • Do nothing and experience continued, and likely, market share erosion from Over-the-Top (OTT) players and MVNOs
    • Expensive, time-consuming, large-scale integration projects to internally “build your own” service platform

Any Device, Any Network,
click at this page Anywhere

Pareteum Overview

    Develops Secure Software And
    Services + Global Mobile Enablement:

  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 15%-50%
  • Improves time to market, typically by 30 to 120 days

    Future-Proof Customers’ Needs:

  • Continually upgraded software via TEUM market based services roadmap
  • Application Program Interfaces (APIs)
  • Cloud infrastructure across a wide array of providers and services

our please click for source Mission

  • Our mission is to provide a single solution to the problem of fully enabling and securing the Mobile Cloud
  • Leverage emerging Cloud technology to develop offerings that create superior customer satisfaction and profitable operations
  • Deliver integrated product offerings that “connect us at the hip” to the products and technology innovation of global market leaders like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook, Twilio, Salesforce, and Twitter
  • Become recognized as the new product source and market trial manager for broadband carriers
  • To open up the enterprise and retail world for mobile application-enabling services, payments and transactions
  • Become vitally important to the survival and success of emerging market, wireless operators, and OTT operators
  • We are a mission driven business!
  • “Serve the Underserved” via our global services coverage

see more Global Connectivity

any device, any network, anywhere

What is connectivity?

  • Access and termination
  • Enables access to end user

Access & Termination services

  • Voice, SMS, Data
  • SMS revenue share
  • SMS Hubbing
  • IPX

Voice/SMS over data/WiFi

  • Access via (1) local imsi/sim or (2) roaming (MNO or Aggregator)
  • Local access grows as TEUM gains new markets
  • Platforms/Suppliers connected via IP (forming meshed network – IPX, MPLS, Ethernet) to provide QoS

click the following article Pareteum is a global solutions partner – not wholesale trader

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