Although telecommunications have been in use in Suriname since 1880, the Telecommunications Company Suriname was founded in 1981. Operating under the name TELESUR, it is a government-owned organization headquartered in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. They provide a variety of communications services, including international capacity, fixed and mobile telephony, data networks, and television stations.

As Suriname’s national telecom company, and a trusted digital communication service partner, Telesur is dedicated to offering high quality, accessible customer support.

For this reason, Telesur relies on Pareteum’s Contact Center and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions.

Improve Flexibility and Customer Satisfaction

Before adopting Pareteum, Telesur’s existing Network Contact Center was at end of life and they wanted to find a reliable alternative that leveraged the industry’s leading technologies. They needed an engagement solution that used the latest standards, such as cloud orientation and session initiation protocol (SIP).

With Pareteum, Telesur has an SIP-based service delivery solution that is both fully virtualized and easily scalable. This solution — which was deployed via Telesur’s private cloud — contains Pareteum’s Contact Center and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions. It comes complete with real-time dashboards and reporting, and a graphical flow builder that makes it quick and easy for Telesur to create, modify, and activate IVR dialogues.

What were the Challenges?

Expanding and Adding Services

Telesur has benefited greatly from Pareteum’s Contact Center and IVR solutions. Indeed, not long after going live, they were able to improve customer satisfaction and realize substantial cost savings.

To provide just one example of how Pareteum empowered Telesur, consider this. During COVID-related lockdowns, customer service representatives were able to work from home as easily as if they were working from the office. This meant that, despite the unique challenges of a global pandemic, Telesur was able to avoid service interruptions that might have impacted their reputation with subscribers.

Looking ahead, Telesur is planning to expand their existing services.

What were the Results?