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August 25, 2020

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Global Cellular for Enterprise | The Best Mobility Experiences 

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Global Cellular Quick Hitters:

Product Name: Global Cellular

Product Suite: Mobility

Sectors: Service Providers, Enterprise, etc.

With Pareteum Global Cellular you get access to the best networks, at a compelling price, wherever you need mobile connectivity.

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What is Pareteum Global Cellular?

Pareteum Global Cellular for Enterprise is a variant of the Pareteum Global Cellular solution. So, in order to understand the enterprise use case, let’s begin with the basics.

Pareteum Global Cellular provides access to top tier voice and data connectivity from mobile networks in over 200 countries and territories. As such, it enables customers to access in-market connectivity, as well as international roaming, all over the world from a single cloud-based platform. This, alongside our sophisticated web interface, makes provisioning and managing connections simple and efficient.

What is Pareteum Global Cellular for Enterprise?

Whether you’re designing a mobility strategy to address the needs of an international enterprise or a fast-growing local business, Pareteum Global Cellular offers your organization the ability to boost cross-company communications and productivity without breaking the bank.

The unique scale of the Pareteum cellular network enables economic efficiencies which are passed on to enterprise customers. In addition, by pairing Global Cellular with Pareteum Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi SmartConnect solution, businesses can take full advantage of the Pareteum Smart Network, which is the world’s largest integrated network, facilitating Wi-Fi offload via tens-of-millions of Wi-Fi hotspots in 200+ countries and territories.

And, since Global Cellular offers coverage across the globe from a single source, you won’t need to manage multiple providers in different markets. Instead, you’ll be able to govern connections via a single global portal.

Finally, to further simplify the administration of your company’s mobility program, you’ll have the option to leverage other aspects of the Pareteum Experience Cloud. These include centralized billing, policy control, and delegated management.

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How are other businesses using Global Cellular?

But there’s more to Global Cellular than enterprise mobility. Indeed, the Pareteum Experience Cloud Global Cellular solution was initially built to accommodate a host of communications and IoT use cases. As such, many service providers (MNOs, MVNOs, etc.) and IoT (Internet of Things) developers are already using the solution to bolster their products and services.

For service providers, Global Cellular facilitates the creation of new mobile brands and simplifies the process of expanding into new markets. For instance, to launch a new mobile brand, providers need access to the best underlying connectivity the market has to offer. Pareteum Global Cellular provides the optimum local connectivity experience, at the optimum price, wherever they want to launch their brands.

Moreover, our unmatched cellular footprint gives providers the ability to extend their existing brand into new markets or territories by delivering an affordable international roaming experience, without the headaches that accompany building new networks from scratch.

Along the same lines, Global Cellular gives IoT developers immediate access to global connectivity. This means they’re able to get their IoT applications and services off the ground efficiently, without extra development.


To learn more about Pareteum Global Cellular and our other enterprise mobility offerings, be sure to check out our website or reach out to our team.