IVR Outbound Dialer

Pareteum’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Outbound Dialer enables customers to reach out to customers in an effective, efficient manner. Customers can schedule an outbound calling campaign to any customer, at any time.

The Pareteum IVR Outbound Dialer is fully web-based and easy to use. It can facilitate multiple simultaneous campaigns with their own unique settings and calling lists.

Why IVR Outbound Dialer?

The Pareteum IVR Outbound Dialer can be used by any organization to reach out to customers. This includes the ability to:

  • Make special offers.
  • Re-activate subscribers.
  • Emergency notifications.
  • Billing and invoicing reminders.
  • Delivery reminders and notifications.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Last minute offers.


Distributor of food / or similar

You run a food distribution company and have just shipped an order out to 100 restaurants and supermarkets. Before delivery, you hear from a supplier that one of their products may have been contaminated. Needless to say, the potential health, legal, and reputational ramifications could be disastrous; not just for you, but for your customers, suppliers, and, most importantly, end consumers.

With the Pareteum IVR Outbound Dialer, you’ll be able to reach out to all 100 restaurants and supermarkets set to receive the shipment to alert them to the compromised products.


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Financial Institute / or similar

You run a financial institution that offers customers bankcards and credit cards. To keep your customers secure, you monitor all transactions for fraudulent-seeming behavior. When something raises a red flag, your company then needs to validate the purchase with the customer before authorizing the transfer.

With Pareteum IVR Outbound Dialer, your systems can automatically trigger an outbound calling campaign to verify customer transactions. Moreover, since Pareteum leverages DTMF (dual tone multi frequency), you won’t even need an employee to be on the line.


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Why Pareteum?

The Pareteum IVR Outbound Dialer is a powerful communication and marketing tool that enables organizations to reach thousands of customers, clients, subscribers, and other audiences in a fast and efficient manner. It has plug-and-play functionality, including a fully web-based solution for creating outbound call campaigns, and comes as an add-on for the larger Pareteum Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution. In addition, it enables you to create your own IVR dialogues and SMS triggers.

Here’s a high-level overview of the solution:

IVR Outbound Dialer

Pareteum IVR Outbound Dialer is available as a standalone offering or as a bundled component of Pareteum Experience Cloud.

What Do You Get With the IVR Outbound Dialer?

  • Facilitates campaigns across multiple countries.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Fully web enabled.
  • Facilitates multiple simultaneous campaigns.
  • Calendar per campaign.
  • IVR flow per campaign.
  • Calling list per campaign.
  • Automatic retry.
  • Calling number.
  • Ring time settings.

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