Who Is Your Customer?

Pareteum’s Know Your Customer (KYC) solution offers MNOs, MVNEs, MVNOs, enterprises, and other companies the ability to affordably and securely identify customers.

With Pareteum’s KYC solution, along with our suite of communication and engagement services, you’ll be able to maximize customer experience.

Everybody Likes to Identify Their Customers

Pareteum KYC combines next-generation identification and verification technologies. It connects to legacy environments to activate related services after successful registrations. It also meets all security legislation requirements, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Prepaid / Postpaid Customers

Pareteum KYC is a secure way to verify the identity of pre- and postpaid customers that meets the requirements of new legislation introduced across Europe to promote data privacy. It also helps businesses protect against fraud, money laundering schemes, incorrect shipments or exports, and other actions where it’s important to verify customer identity.

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Security Sign

The Pareteum KYC solution can be used for any application involving identification and authentication. These include:

  • Mobile prepaid registration
  • Wi-Fi hotspot registration
  • Customer registration processes
  • Identity management for personal files
  • Ordering and payment processes
  • And more!


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We Make Sure You Know Your Customer

Pareteum’s Know Your Customer registration application consists of several components:

  • The Sales Points and @Home modules are used to register the identity of customers.
  • The Admin module provides customer care and reporting, with an option to create Sales Point’s accounts.
  • The Fraud Manager retrieves personally identifiable information (PII) by request of the relevant administrative authorities.
  • The KYC solution can also be expanded with Pareteum’s IVR Outbound dialer. The IVR Outbound dialer can be used to automatically call customers and play an IVR dialogue to inform them that they need to register.

Here’s a high-level overview:

KYC - We make sure you know your customer - Know Your Customer, know your Client, Validate your customer, Identify Your Customer, Identify Your Client


Pareteum Know Your Customer is available as a standalone offering or as a bundled component of the Pareteum Experience Cloud.

You and Your Customer Can Use it Anywhere

Whether you require customers to register online, at home, or at a sales point, Pareteum’s KYC application facilitates simple user verification with the ability to verify an ID documentation instantly. In addition, to minimize investment in sales channels, the service supports all prevailing technologies for smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices. KYC reduces risk, complies with regulatory requirements, and can improve you customer verification processes.

Know Your Customer - KYC - We make sure you know your customer - Know Your Customer, know your Client, Validate your customer, Identify Your Customer, Identify Your Client

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