SMS Messaging

The Pareteum Experience Cloud unifies Pareteum’s messaging technologies on a single platform for customizable user experiences. Organizations can pick and choose which features they want to deploy, and how they want to deploy them, based on their internal processes and requirements.

For instance, many businesses leverage Pareteum’s SMS Messaging services in conjunction with our Voice Messaging services and Virtual Numbers.

These solutions help fortify international alert systems, domestic food delivery services, international OTTs, financial institutions, and businesses operating across every vertical.

Pareteum’s Messaging solutions are perfect for any business that relies on time-critical customer engagement. They were designed to be implemented in parallel and our interdisciplinary support staff will help you set them up according to your particular requirements.

Direct SMS

Pareteum’s Direct SMS product delivers the best quality A2P messaging experiences on the market via a mixture of direct operator connections, operator hub connections, and strategic partner direct connections. It’s an excellent solution for businesses that rely on high quality messaging and fast delivery times.

Current coverage and pricing are available in the customer portal.

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High Quality / HQ SMS

Pareteum’s HQ SMS product offers high quality messaging at a lower price than Direct SMS. While Direct SMS tends to offer better quality messaging than HQ SMS, the difference is often negligible and, in many countries, practically non-existent. In countries where there is a difference in messaging quality, Pareteum ensures lower prices via the intelligent, carrier-grade messaging platform. HQ SMS is an excellent option for businesses that require high quality, but cost-efficient, messaging capabilities.

Current coverage and pricing are available in the customer portal.

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Wholesale SMS

Pareteum’s Wholesale SMS product, which offers multiple types of SMS routes and SS7 connections, leverages the Pareteum Messaging platform for automated least-cost routing. As such, it provides the best price for single operator destinations. Wholesale SMS is most popular among partner aggregators and other businesses looking to save on messaging costs via single destination routes.

Current coverage and pricing are available in the customer portal.

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Direct SMS


Wholesale SMS

Coverage Global (A-Z) Global (A-Z) Global (A-Z)
A2P SMS / SMS MT Yes Yes Yes
IOT / M2M Yes
Routes / Connections Direct Direct & Further SS7, SIM & Further
Hops 0-1 0-2 LCR
Sender ID Features Dynamic & Numeric Dynamic & Numeric Dynamic & Numeric
DLRs / CDRs Handset / SMSC Handset / SMSC Handset / SMSC
Concatenated SMS Yes Yes Yes
Binary Yes Yes
Stability Highest High Medium
Delivery Speed Quickest Quick Varies
Technical Support Yes Yes Yes
Extranet Yes Yes Yes
Campaign Tool Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Private Network On Inquiry On Inquiry On Inquiry
Service Level Agreement On Inquiry On Inquiry On Inquiry
Testing Solution Managed by Support Managed by Support Managed by Support
Certified Messaging Platform Yes Yes Yes
B2B Messaging Yes Yes Yes
B2C Messaging Yes Yes Yes

Pareteum Messaging for Aggregators, Messaging Providers, and Mobile Operators

Pareteum’s SMS products are very flexible and can be used by aggregators, messaging providers, mobile operators, over-the-top (OTT) developers, and businesses of all kinds to optimize routing quality and costs.

For aggregators and messaging providers, it can facilitate:

  • SMS aggregation and SMS hubbing
  • Mobile Number Portability / MNP and HLR queries
  • SMS Trading

For Mobile Operators, it provides:

  • Application-to-Person / A2P messaging gateway
  • Person-to-Person / P2P messaging capabilities
  • Integration with other messaging services

For OTT developers, it offers:

  • One-time password / OTP
  • Two-factor authentication / 2FA
  • Log-in confirmations and alerts

For other businesses, it enables:

  • Brand marketing
  • Process optimization
  • Product updates

SMS Messaging Use Cases

Pareteum’s SMS Messaging services enable organizations to create campaigns, configure channels, and set cascading fallback options via an easy-to-use customer portal. This enables our customers to manage their businesses however they like.

SMS Messaging can be leveraged by enterprises and businesses across every sector. This includes for:

  • SMS Marketing, SMS promotions, bulk SMS.
  • A2P messaging gateway
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), one-time password (OTP), pin codes, and other verifications.
  • Status updates, delivery notifications, appointment reminders, dynamic pricing notifications for retail and e-commerce, and other SMS alerts.
  • Two-way SMS messaging for conversional solutions.


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