Pareteum Experience Builder

Create new and innovative offers and services to drive differentiation and revenue generation.  

Build Market-Making Experiences 

Enjoy total control over product creation with our highly flexible product management solution.  

Configurable options include: 

  • Service Catalog Management 
  • Tariff Management 
  • Bundle Management 
  • Quality of Service 
  • Subscription Life Cycle Management 
  • Voucher Life Cycle Management 
  • Whitelist & Blacklist 
  • Service & Visitor Location Register Restrictions 

Manage The Entire Customer Journey 

Ensure a seamless experience for customers from sales and on-boarding, through customer care and relationship management.  

Benefit from a single view of the customer across all products and channels.

Monetize The Experience

End-to-end billing and revenue management capabilities including: 

  • Balance Management. (Prepaid & Postpaid) 
  • Multi-counter / Multi-service 
  • Real-time & Offline rating 
  • Fair Usage Policy 
  • Bill Shock Prevention 
  • Service Usage Monitoring 
  • Fraud Management 
  • Billing & Invoicing 
  • Revenue Assurance 
  • Real-time Usage 
  • Real-time Transaction 

Tell Us What You Need

Tell us about the experience you want to deliver and we’ll show you how we can make it happen.