Pareteum Voicemail

Our multi-tenant, API-driven voicemail solution supports over 100 features, settings, and options, enabling a rich customer experience. 

Trusted by some of the world's leading communications brands

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Flexible, Multi-Layered Structure

Pareteum Voicemail builds on over 30 years’ experience of providing voice messaging solutions to communications service providers worldwide.

Designed to be highly flexible, allowing customers to create rich, differentiated experiences, our solution provides configurable options across four separate layers.

This creates a multi-tenant environment in which each tenant can define and support multiple Class of Service settings.  

Simple, Rapid Integration

The Pareteum Voicemail solution is easily integrated with existing platforms
and cloud architectures and includes an XML-based provisioning interface.

It delivers enormous scalability – perfect for newly launched mobile brands
looking to pay as they grow, as well as large, established communications
service providers.

The solution can be accessed via the Pareteum Experience Cloud APIs,
and can also be deployed in your private cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid configuration. 

Over 100 configurable options including:

Organization & Language  •  Default pin code  •  Pin code Min/Max length 

Pin code mandatory  •  Use Pin-code blacklist  •  First time caller dialogue 

Play date/time at retrieval  •  SMS sender name / CLI  •  Sort order playing  

Callback (national / int. nat.)  •  Max. allowed messages  •  Max. stored/saved messages 

Voicemail to email •  Max. recording time  •  Expiration time 

Time zone of  voicemail box owners 

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