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July 16, 2020

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A Pareteum IVR Profile | Scalable Interactive Voice Response

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Pareteum IVR Quick Hitters:

Product Name: Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Product Suite: Engagement
Sectors: Financial, Telecom, Enterprise, etc.
In Numbers: We handle over 100 million annual calls for our customers.

Pareteum Interactive Voice Response enables users to build intelligent, effective, voice-based customer engagement experiences.

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What does the solution do?


First, in order to understand what Pareteum’s scalable Interactive Voice Response solution (IVR) is, we should probably take a moment to briefly explain the concept of IVR generally. Indeed, IVR is a technology that allows people to interact with computers using either their voice, keypad inputs, or some combination of both.


Perhaps the most instantly recognizable use case for IVR would be in telecommunications. Practically every service provider on the planet leverages IVR for their customer support system. By enabling customers to interact with their host system via their phone’s keypad or by speech recognition, service providers can accommodate far more customer support queries than if they were to rely purely on human-to-human engagement.


But, of course, the telecommunications use case is merely the tip of the iceberg. IVR can be leveraged by insurance companies, device and hardware manufacturers, banks, hospitals, offices, hotels, etc. The Pareteum IVR solution is a scalable, multi-tenant offering that can accommodate 10 lines as easily as 5,000. Indeed, it was built to equip our clients with the ability to quickly assess and resolve incoming customer queries and support questions. For example, businesses can use our IVR to address such things as customer balance inquiries, service top-ups, and other general transactions.


Thus, it provides our clients with intelligent customer engagement that enables them to grow their business by boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Pareteum IVR can also be expanded with our Outbound Dialer feature that is great for creating and launching high-impact voice calling campaigns. This feature facilitates scheduling multiple campaigns and assigning them to different customer segments, dates, and times.


The Outbound Dialer is also fantastic for promoting new offers, re-engaging inactive subscribers, delivering billing alerts and reminders, broadcasting emergency notifications, and launching last minute offers. In other words, those who leverage it can more efficiently engage with their customers.


Of course, Pareteum IVR is part of the Pareteum Experience Cloud. Which means it is web-based, API accessible, and easy to integrate within our customers’ existing systems and processes.


Your business can benefit from the Pareteum IVR solution. We’ll show you how! 


How do clients interact with the service?


Pareteum IVR is a web-based service. It is delivered with a graphical ‘flow builder’ that enables our clients to create bespoke voice engagement experiences and will automatically draw up their call flows as they build them out.


It also facilitates the basics — copy/paste, drag/drop, disconnect/connect, expand/collapse, and shortcut creation.


And, because it is a web-based service, IVR gives our clients the ability to build and modify their IVR dialogs from any place, at any time, with little-to-no hassle.


Which features are most popular with clients?


The ‘flow builder’ is easily the most popular aspect of the Pareteum IVR. It’s convenient and extraordinarily user friendly.


Moreover, it gives our customers the ability to create highly sophisticated IVR flows and dialogs in a simple drag and drop environment. There’s no programming necessary and no development required. So long as users can sketch it out on a notepad, they can build it on our ‘flow builder.’


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How are customers using it?


Here’s one example. We’ve partnered with a popular telecommunications operator based in Stockholm, Sweden. Serving millions of customers all over Europe, they’re a major player in the Nordic and Baltic markets and have carved out various niches in other territories as an alternative provider.


However, due to the size of their customer base, they struggled to handle the volume of customer support cases they were receiving. Understandably, the last thing they wanted was a reputation for poor customer service. So, they looked to Pareteum to provide a solution. They needed something that could meet their current demands; something scalable, geo-redundant, and pan-European.


By implementing the Pareteum scalable Interactive Voice Response solution (IVR), they are now able to guide millions of customers seamlessly through service navigation. Additionally, the Scandinavian telco deployed Pareteum’s Missed Call Alert and Programmable Dialer solutions to improve call completions and enable outbound calling campaigns.


With these tools, Pareteum has enabled them to improve customer satisfaction and increased their overall customer base.


To Learn more about the Pareteum IVR solution, or the Pareteum Experience Cloud generally, be sure to check out our website or reach out to our team.