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The pace of change in the mobile/IoT market is relentless. Your competitors are pushing products into new niches every month. We all know that those who innovate stay ahead, while those who lag get left behind. It’s not just about products and features, services must continually evolve to cater to your market segment Pareteum Corporation Focuses on 3 areas: Managed Services Platform

  • MVNE
  • MNO
  • CSP

Global Mobility Cloud Platform Services

  • CSP
  • CHANNELS Application Exchange Developer’s Platform Services


Pareteum’s Software this web page Services Enhance Value

click at this page Pareteum’s software platform services enable network carriers to rapidly deliver new and differentiated offers, for example:

  • Unlimited data services: Facebook, WhatsApp or streaming music services, i.e., Spotify and Pandora
  • Global roaming connectivity without local infrastructure: business execs use a multi-SIM world phone
  • Creation of new branded mobile services, e.g., Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile, Lowi, TracFone, Virgin Mobile
  • Smart homes … smart appliances … smart energy meters in and around the home
  • “Wearable devices for communications and monitoring
  • “Connected cars to ‘phone home’ with diagnostic information
  • Smart cities to provide smart parking meters, traffic and live accident monitoring
  • Smart logistics: container cargo/ports, shipping, fleets of vehicles or even delivery drones: smart retail
  • Smart healthcare devices: health monitoring and management, remote diagnostics and care

Managed Service click Platform (MSP)

Large MNO’s & Communication Service Providers (CSP)

Managed Services Platform:

Two of the most complex parts of selling a service are billing and customer management. Rather than creating your own solution, consider leveraging our robust and flexible platform. learn more here

  • Integrated Operational and Billing Management platform (B/OSS) enabling real-time account (SIM) management, policy (service and rules) management and charging (pricing, rating, billing)
  • Robust, flexible customer management services & geography via cloud, with API (application programming interface)

Global Mobility click here Cloud Services Platform (GMCSP)

Turnkey solutions for CSPs. Enterprise & Channels

Global Mobility Cloud Platform Services:

Ability to Create a Mobile Virtual Network Operator anywhere in the world without having to build the infrastructure

  • Dual SIM capability for domestic and international roaming
  • Implementation in less than 3 months fully operational services: Pay as you go @ the Speed of Need!

just click for source TEUM Application Exchange Developers Platform (TEAX)

1000s of CSPs, Developers & Application Developers

Application Exchange Developers Platform (TEAX) Services for Members

  • Cross-border, secure connectivity, policy, device and subscriber management this web page
  • Real-time (online) charging and event processing (promotions, trial periods and zero-rating)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Salesforce plug-in, Roaming network options please click for source (Wi-Fi offload, alternative carriers)
  • see more Apps & Solutions enable: click Telemedicine, wireless voice and data inside Car, Home automation here and control, click logistics for shipping and maritime industry, completely automated and wireless connected cities (cameras, lights, power)
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