Virtual Numbers and Short Codes

Pareteum provides businesses with global number coverage to help them establish direct communication channels for customers. These Virtual Numbers and Short Codes are not associated with physical phones or SIM-cards, meaning they can be leveraged in a variety of ways that impact all aspects of a business. Pareteum bundles these numbers with SMS and Voice to offer messaging services that facilitate streamlined engagement.

Incoming customer calls and messages are forwarded directly to your business from the Experience Cloud platform.

Companies using Pareteum’s Virtual Numbers can communicate with customers directly, no matter where they are located. Indeed, since Virtual Numbers make it possible for customers to interact with brands using local numbers, brands can project themselves as domestically available services even if they’re headquartered in an entirely different country.

Pareteum’s Virtual Numbers are managed via the Experience Cloud, which routes incoming calls and texts directly to organizations.

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Likewise, companies using SMS Short Codes for their communications strategies can leverage practically any medium to foster customer engagement. This includes print, radio, television, and of course, digital platforms. For example, customers can sign up for special offers promoted on print advertisements by sending opt-in text messages to Short Codes listed in the ads.

Pareteum’s Short Codes are facilitated via the Experience Cloud and offer a smart mobile customer retention tool for organizations of all types.

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Easy and Globally Usable

Pareteum’s dedicated Virtual Numbers and Short Codes make two-way-messaging services possible in countries all over the world, for businesses of all kinds.

These numbers, which enable customers to reply to brands or opt-out of future communications, can be used for anything from marketing campaigns to customer care.

Organizations can also employ Virtual Numbers to improve accessibility and enhance communications procedures.

This can be bundled with the Pareteum Experience Cloud or provided separately as a standalone offering.

Short Codes can be used for many things, such as:

  • Notifications / Offerings
  • Confirmations
  • Support
  • Polls & Voting
  • Appointments
  • Surveys
  • Transactions

What Are the Possibilities?

Virtual Numbers and Short Codes

Coverage International
Virtual Long Number / Mobile Number Two-way SMS and Voice
Toll-Free Number (TFN-Number) Two-way SMS and Voice
Direct Inward Dialing (DID / National Number) Two-way SMS and Voice
Geographic Number Voice
Short Code Two way SMS
Stability Highest
Delivery Speed Quickest
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Yes
Technical Support Yes
Extranet Yes
Campaign Tool Yes
Programmable APIs SMPP(S), REST, Portal
Virtual Private Network On Inquiry
Service Level Agreement On Inquiry
Testing Solution Managed by Support
Certified Messaging Platform Yes
B2B Messaging Yes
B2C Messaging Yes

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