Voice Messaging

Pareteum’s Voice Messaging Services can be deployed alongside Pareteum’s SMS Messaging solutions in order to deliver ideal customer service optimization. The Pareteum Experience Cloud platform is capable of routing calls directly to customers via their mobile phones or fixed-line / landline phones.

Pareteum’s Messaging platform facilitates Text to Speech (TTS) services, where voice messages are automatically generated based on text. It also enables Voice Messaging services, where voice files are used to generate customized voice calls.

Direct Voice

Pareteum’s voice products enable businesses to optimize their outreach strategies by leveraging both mobile phones and fixed-line / landline phones. By enabling direct connectivity to operators, Pareteum is able to ensure high-quality voice messaging, competitive rates and pricing, maximized customer engagement, and broader cost savings across multiple internal processes.

Current Direct Voice coverage and pricing information is available in the Pareteum customer portal.

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Pareteum Voice Messaging Use Cases

The Pareteum Voice Messaging solution can be used by enterprises and businesses across all verticals. This includes for such things as:

  • Voice marketing campaigns.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), one-time password (OTP), pin codes, and other verifications.
  • Status updates, delivery notifications, appointment reminders, and other alerts.


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What Are the Possibilities?

Direct Voice

Coverage Global (A-Z)
Text-to-Speech Yes
Voice Files Yes
Routes / Connections Own Direct and Partner Direct
Hops 0-1
Caller ID Features Numeric
Stability Highest
Delivery Speed Quickest
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Yes
Technical Support Yes
Extranet Yes
Campaign Tool Yes
Programmable APIs SMPP(S), REST, Portal
Virtual Private Network On Inquiry
Service Level Agreement On Inquiry
Testing Solution Managed by Support
Certified Messaging Platform Yes
B2B Messaging Yes
B2C Messaging Yes

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