Ready To TEUM With Us?

Become part of our TEUM

Pareteum is a fast growing company with a global footprint. Our “can do” culture is driven by an energetic and spirited team, or TEUM, as we like to call ourselves. Our TEUMates work together to build success for our customers every day.

How do we work?

At TEUM we foster and support continuous innovation in our culture. We engage creative TEUM players who are able to “think outside the box” and work independently within a strong, organized framework.

Be in good company

When we add to our TEUM, we are looking for the best! People who are smart, creative, up for any challenge, and incredibly excited about what they do. In other words, TEUMates!

Career growth

TEUMates are unique and priceless and a highly-valued asset at Pareteum. We strive to engage top industry professionals who want to work in a productive environment that encourages performance and commitment.

What will we offer you?

  • Bonus program

  • We know the success of our business is dependent upon the hard work and dedication of our TEUMates. At Pareteum we have a bonus program based on the company’s overall success and based on individual objectives and results.

  • Equity

  • Our people give a lot to the business. As a reward for hard work and dedication, TEUMates have the chance to own a stake in the company through shares – our Restricted Stock Units program.

  • Flexible working

  • Naturally, sometimes and in some roles, you’ll need to be in at certain times, but on the whole, we’re pretty flexible when it comes to man-aging workload and time. It’s a mutual trust thing!

  • Multicultural environment

  • We have over 20 nationalities represented in our Pareteum family. Everyday can be a multi-cultural adventure as you work in tandem with TEUMates from America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Middle-East, etc.

  • Mental hydration *

  • Need a little breather while working at the office? Enjoy a soda, coffee, tea or fresh water as you stroll out on our terrace.

  • Feeding your creativity *

  • You’ll find plenty of fresh fruit and drinks in our kitchen. Grab them to keep yourself going or when the procrastination fairy strikes.

  • Team bonding *

  • After-work. Paella and Pizza for lunch. If you can name it, you can probably make it happen at Pareteum.

  • Support on your relocation *

  • Work-permit. Social Security number. Public Health Insurance coverage. New house. House move. New language. Furniture. STOP! HR will kindly arrange and coordinate your arrival, allocation, and will support you on your relocation and any other question you might have with sufficient time in advance.

  • Mens sana in corpore sano *

  • Keeping fit is good. Pareteum has negotiated with a local gym to offer special rates for our TEUMates. So, if you want to head to the gym, go for a run or perform a whole load of stair jumps, we won’t stand in your way. We might even join you!

  • Travel insurance

  • When traveling on behalf of Pareteum you are fully covered by our top-class travel insurance. Rest assured Pareteum is there to assist you with the best support.

  • Health first

  • We offer top of the line health benefits because you and your family’s health are important for us.

  • Global opportunities

  • Our business is global, running in 4 continents at the same time. We offer permanent job opportunities as well as some temporary positions at many of our locations.

    *Benefits are based on local market standards and subject to availability

    Pretty cool, huh?

Now ask yourself: WHY WOULD YOU not TEUM with US?

If you’re interested in career opportunities with Pareteum, please send your resume to:

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