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Pareteum Corporation empower global telecommunications by serving the needs of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Enablers (MVNEs) and Aggregators (MVNAs) with a full suite of applications, reliable industry expertise and high quality customer service, helping them gain competitive advantage without the need for substantial upfront investment.

Removing Legacy Infrastructure Challenges

Nothing changes quite as fast as technology. When it comes to the infrastructure in use at most MNOs, however, the opposite is unfortunately true as most MNOs are handcuffed to their complex and expensive to maintain legacy systems. Because carriers are often very conservative in adopting critical new technologies and their sales cycles are long, they have been compared to dinosaurs. Virtualized, software-based platform such as our Pareteum Platform™ to MNOs and MVNOs can fundamentally change their businesses by delivering:
  • Dramatically reduced time to market: just weeks/months vs. up to a year;
  • Significantly decreased operational costs: up to 80% cost savings;
  • Improved scalability and unmatched flexibility: changes in minutes, not days.

The Pareteum Platform™ enables our customers to implement their business plans effectively, while generating business results faster and at margins that will support continued operation and growth.

What We Deliver

Next to basic voice, text and data services, the company offers various dynamic products that include premium messaging services, subscriptions, promotions and loyalty schemes, location and other value-added services supporting remote health care, credit card fraud prevention, mobile internet ID Security, voice biometrics, mobile banking and remittances/payments as well as a range of other emerging customized mobile services. Our unique application suite of network embedded services (and the patents that protect them) creates a streamlined, unified platform enabling unmatched flexibility and control.

For the Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

We provide a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) platform to MNOs through a powerful and user-friendly plug and play interface. The modular system provides a range of applications using networked embedded technology. They make the system safer, cheaper, easier to manage, more reliable, and more secure than existing legacy systems. Our solutions also help to drive ARPU (Average Revenue per User) by offering a greater range of services, cost efficiencies and increased engagement with customers.

We enable MNOs to create, manage and secure entire mobile networks and offer a fully equipped wholesale mobile cloud. Our flexible, scalable and easy to deploy system allows MNOs to upgrade and replace their complicated, difficult to maintain legacy systems with a very low CAPEX and Total Cost of Ownership solution running on standard commercial-grade hardware.

Our client relationship management solution provides a dynamic and flexible feature set to enable fast, low-cost deployments. All communications within Pareteum's solutions are based on standards – IP and SIP – in order to simplify the system and cut out the extra maintenance and expense generated by the use of proprietary systems that are difficult to integrate especially when they use different languages.

Addressing the Modern MNO’s Needs

Our offering is based on the business reality that network operators participate in a fiercely competitive market. With this understanding, our systems are based on five pillars:
  • Flexibility: the need to respond quickly to market and competitive pressures and the urgency of service deployment
  • Reliability: the mission critical importance of stable and credible operations without failures and problems. High KPIs are met in order to ensure reliability.
  • Scalability: the ability to flexibly expand the infrastructure and network provision as demand increases.
  • Cost Efficiency: reduced CAPEX, OPEX and TCO, to create value and profitability.
  • Simplification: solutions that enhance rather than interrupt existing operations while delivering the highest level of control

Running an MVNO 

Pareteum as an innovative Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) connects MVNOs to MNOs allowing the MVNOs to provide their end-users with a full set of mobile voice, SMS and data services. Pareteum gives an MVNO full control of the entire IT system and network infrastructure through an easy to use cloud-based interface, potentially saving an MVNO up to 90% in operating costs with significant time-to-market advantages thanks to our ability to be deployed much more rapidly than traditional infrastructure options. And, we provide a retail quality network with benchmarked KPIs so MVNOs can provide a quality offering matching or exceeding that of even the largest MNOs.

Today’s MVNO must offer a genuinely user-centric service that allows users to connect to people and brands in whichever way they choose: by phone, smartphone, tablet, PC or a TV. Beyond products and features, successful MVNOs must be able to respond quickly to changing market conditions, adjusting their businesses according. Changing rates and tariffs or adding new functionality needs to be dynamic, and with thePareteum Platform™ , system changes which have traditionally taken days, weeks or months, can be done in minutes.

Provided in a SaaS model, our solutions give MVNOs the much needed flexibility and scalability in order to succeed and achieve their full potential and to reach the market in time at a fraction of the cost.

Biometrics and Authentication

ValidSoft UK Ltd., a partner of Pareteum, secures transactions using personal authentication and device assurance. We enable our customers to enhance their security while improving their user experience, utilizing our multi-factor authentication platform, Voice Biometric engine and Device Trust technology, all of which may be used as ‘stand-alone’ or integrated into multi-vendor solutions. ValidSoft serves multiple clients across the financial services, government and enterprise sectors and is the only company to have been granted four European Privacy Seals, reflecting its commitment to strong data privacy. Visit:
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