Bootstrap IoT Connectivity for OEM

Pareteum’s Bootstrap IoT Connectivity solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) delivers secure, reliable, and predictable connectivity experiences over both mobile / cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

As an OEM, you often don’t know where your equipment will used once it leaves your factories or retail locations. As such, in order to facilitate Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity in your products, you’ll need to include bootstrap connectivity profiles.

The Benefits of Bootstrap IoT Connectivity for OEM

You want your connected equipment to be IoT ready no matter where they’re shipped or used. Pareteum’s Bootstrap IoT Connectivity solution for OEMs offers the flexibility associated with fully integrating IoT connectivity into the software modules of your solutions. Connectivity is then facilitated via Pareteum’s multi-country, multi-network Smart SIM connectivity solution. Consider the following:

For car manufacturers, building safe, reliable vehicles is essential. With Pareteum’s Bootstrap IoT Connectivity solution for OEMs, they’re able to equip cars and trucks with advanced Telematics solutions that facilitate everything from preventive maintenance notifications to accident prevention services.

Moreover, connected cars give drivers the ability to check in on their vehicles from anywhere. This means the ability to remotely start the car, lock doors, turn lights on or off, activate the A/C, etc. This means car manufacturers can offer more features, differentiate their vehicles and connected apps, and bolster customer loyalty.

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As a hydroelectric company, you supply your customers with home meters. In the past, these meters where very basic — the only thing they did was measure energy consumption. Then, you sent representatives from house to house to collect consumption information so you could invoice customers accordingly.

Nowadays a meter is not merely a meter, they’re connected devices capable and transmitting relevant consumption information directly to centralized CRM platforms. With Bootstrap IoT Connectivity, you can connect your meters and measure usage remotely. Moreover, you can also detect when usage increases, identify demand shocks in real-time, regulate quality, and more. This can then be leveraged into costs savings for you and improved customer satisfaction.

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How Does Bootstrap IoT Connectivity for OEMs Work?

Bootstrap IoT Connectivity is simple. Just outfit your equipment with the Pareteum Smart SIM while it’s in the factory. Then, when the device is switched on, the Smart SIM will activate, and the required profiles and policies will automatically be applied.

Pareteum’s Smart SIM Mobile / Cellular Connectivity solution is perfectly suited for bootstrap connectivity use cases. Through use of network policies, Smart SIMs can be deployed with bootstrap profiles that ensure connectivity from any place in the world, with policy-controlled usage.

The Mobile / Cellular Connectivity solution has multi-country and multi-network coverage to over 700 mobile / cellular networks and supports all form factors. This includes 2FF, 3FF, 4FF, and MFF.

Pareteum’s Connectivity management solution enables you to manage all your IoT and Machine to Machine connections.

IoT Images - Internet of Things - Bootstrap Connectivity

Bootstrap IoT Connectivity features include:

You will get service management via GUI and/or API, including:

  • Inventory management
  • Connectivity policy management
  • Profile management
  • Usage visualization
  • Reporting
  • Alerting
  • Delegated service administration
  • Local and central service administration hierarchy
  • Dashboards

You will also get:

  • A single central contract with a single dashboard and a single monthly bill from one connectivity provider versus multiple connectivity providers.
  • The ability to switch network providers when needed for better reliability (no operator lock-ins).
  • Remote connectivity management to simplify global deployments.
  • Coverage for mobile broadband use cases, such as back-up WAN connectivity. etc.
  • Network-based policies for APN assignment, IP addressing, data usage allowance, etc.
  • Predictable usage costs, including fixed usage thresholds to prevent fraudulent usage and customizable usage bundles for well-defined use cases.

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Presented by Chris Hills, Pareteum’s Vice President of Global Connectivity and Procurement, with an assist by Mehul Vora, Vice President of Sales Engineering, this webinar covers various IoT trends, including how eSIMs and Soft SIMs will impact future IoT solutions; how IoT has changed the game for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs); and the rise of connected cars.

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