Smart Call by
City of Kyiv

The Kyiv Smart City initiative was created to transform the Ukrainian capital into a technologically developed, socially responsible metropolis with a high standard of life for its citizens.

It is a project that positions the city itself as a platform for technical and social innovation.

The Kyiv Smart City team sought to develop an array of online tools so every citizen can benefit from connected experiences in their home and community.

Connected solutions for everything from healthcare, smart traffic controls and sustainability to waste management.

To make it happen, Kyiv Smart City turned to the Pareteum Experience Cloud platform.

What were the Challenges?

End-to-End IoT Platform

Pareteum Experience Cloud provides an end-to-end IoT solution that offers device connectivity, management and control, location-based intelligence and engagement, and e-commerce capabilities that give the City of Kyiv complete visibility and control over its smart future.

The Experience Cloud’s API-driven communications solutions enable the city’s software developers to continually implement new and exciting tools and applications that enrich the Smart City experience for its citizens.

What were the Results?

"City of Dreams"

The Pareteum Experience Cloud is helping Kyiv to evolve into a progressive European capital and a pioneer of the Smart City experience.

And also to fulfill its leaders’ vision to become “a city of dreams, where every citizen will be protected and happy.”