Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA)

Pareteum’s Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA) solution is similar to the MVNE solution, except that it includes wholesale agreements with one or more MNOs whose networks are used to create bundles for MVNOs.

MVNAs are dependent on the MNOs they work with. For instance, if an MNO wants to have direct contracts with each MVNO they enable, then it’s unlikely they’ll want to work extensively with MVNAs.

Still, in some cases, MNOs prefer working with MVNAs because doing so saves time and enables them to bypass contractual complexities.

MVNAs Made Easy

Pareteum’s MVNA solution is structured in such a way that it can handled a variety of wholesale agreements for both Full MVNOs and/or Light MVNOs. Alternatively, you could use one wholesale agreement as a base and configure each MVNO or branded reseller you connect differently. For example…

Mobile Network Operator

Let’s say you’re a Mobile Network Operator and you receive numerous requests from companies who want to launch their own MVNOs using your network. While this will enable you to expand your market and increase revenue, you don’t necessarily have the time, resources, or expertise to handle these requests and contracts.

With the Pareteum MVNA solution, you won’t have to worry about this. By signing a single wholesale agreement with Pareteum, you can send all these prospective MVNOs our way and we can set them up for you.

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MVNOs / Businesses in the IoT or M2M space

Alternatively, maybe your company facilitates connectivity for MVNOs or businesses in the IoT space.

However, the MNO you work with to supply this connectivity doesn’t have the time or resources to help you support your customers.

Your best bet is to get a wholesale contract in place with the MNO and leverage our MVNA solution to get your customers connected.

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Pareteum’s MVNA solution has Everything You Need

The Pareteum MVNA solution is essentially a layer in our MVNE solution and enables you to configure MVNO wholesale pricing. It can also be used to create individuated prices, bundles, or packages for your MVNOs. With one wholesale pricing, you’ll be able to deploy a single aggregated billing stream, shared by you and the MNOs you work with, to facilitate customer billing.

Furthermore, the MVNA solution contains all the benefits of Pareteum’s MVNE solution and can be used to facilitate connectivity for Full MVNOs, Light MVNOs, branded resellers, IoT connectivity, and M2M services.

What Can We Do for You?

For MNOs, Pareteum functions as a single point of contact and contract, offering a fully managed service.

By partnering with Pareteum, you’ll be able to grow your business and increase revenue and profit.

Or, if you don’t run an MNO, but your company has a wholesale agreement in place with one, Pareteum can help you facilitate connectivity and a solution for your customers by streamlining company operations.

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