Pareteum for Non-Profit Organizations (NPO), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), and Charities 

Communications technologies continue to play an important role in modern life, extending equally into the social, political, and economic realms. This is especially true in the non-profit sector, where they enable Non-Profit Organizations (NPO), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), and charities to improve operational efficiencies, reach more donors, and — most importantly — grow their impact.

The Rise of Digital Giving

Over the last couple decades digital giving trends like crowdfunding, livestream funding events, and email, SMS, and social media outreach campaigns have revolutionized the non-profit space. They’ve provided NPOs, NGOs, and other charitable organizations with countless new channels for fundraising, community building, awareness building, and more.

As such, many organizations have begun to reimagine everything from their fundraising and outreach strategies to how they can use such technologies to reduce overhead costs. They’ve focused especially on:

  • Creating durable donor relationships by fostering loyalty and retention.
  • Diversifying their fundraising channels.
  • Leveraging data to identify co-branding opportunities.
  • Improving outreach via digital channels.


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Pareteum's Products and Solutions

Pareteum offers a suite of products and solutions for NPOs, NGOs, and charities.

How Can Non-Profit Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Charities Benefit from Pareteum?

Offer Valuable Incentives to Donors

Branded Mobile Services

Launching a branded mobile service is an easy and affordable way to add a new stream of revenue. By converting donors and volunteers into subscribers, nonprofit organizations can build lasting relationships with their biggest supporters. Subscribers can then carry the organization with them wherever they go, knowing that a piece of their phone bill is going to a good cause.

Pareteum Wi-Fi as a Benefit

Non-profits need donor loyalty programs that capture their donors’ attention, spur them to action, and deliver actionable metrics. Pareteum’s Incenti-Fi Promotional Wi-Fi vouchers offer a valuable benefit that can be used to incentivize specific actions, such as making a donation, organizing a fundraiser, or volunteering for an event.

Enhance Impact

Mobile Services for Beneficiaries or Employees

Offer their beneficiaries high-quality mobile services and secure Wi-Fi connectivity for free or at subsidized rates. This can be part of a centrepiece offering or a value-added service.

Manage Connectivity for IoT Devices Used in the Field 

Non-profits that rely on mobile and IoT devices when working in the field can leverage Pareteum’s IoT connectivity management platform to maximize device efficiency and reduce connectivity costs.

Improve Fundraising Efforts

Enable Direct, Real-time Donor Outreach

Pareteum’s SMS and Voice messaging solutions make it easy for organizations to engage with donors in real-time. They can be used to promote fundraisers, generate interest in events, drive engagement with beneficiaries, announce updates to fundraising goals, etc. SMS Shortcodes can be included in digital, print, radio, and television ads to generate direct communication between communities and non-profits.

Identify Co-Marketing Opportunities

By deploying Pareteum’s Incenti-Fi Promotional Wi-Fi Vouchers organizations can access anonymized, first party location data via visual Wi-Fi dashboards. This means they can monitor which brands and services constituents like best by identifying the Wi-Fi SSIDs they most frequently encounter. This can be used to inform future partnerships and address affiliate, affinity, and cross-marketing opportunities.

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