Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE)

Pareteum’s multi-tenant Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) solution is a flexible, scalable service delivery platform that gives MVNEs the tools necessary to help companies launch Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

Mobile Virtual Network Enabler - (MVNE)

Pareteum combines next-generation technology with traditional telecom environments. This ensures that you can keep your competitive edge, while coping with the rapidly evolving demands of the communications market.

The Pareteum MVNE solution supports a local or GEO high redundant setup, enabling you to setup a maximum able environment with data integrity. The MVNE can be deployed in the public cloud, (your) private cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid configuration.

Our MVNE Solution is Proven Technology for MVNOs and IoT

Put simply, the Pareteum MVNE solution acts as an intermediary between Mobile Operators and the Light Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Full Mobile Virtual Network Operators MVNOs, branded reseller, and Internet of Things (IoT) suppliers they oversee. This includes the ability to manage:

  • Reseller Administration
  • Value Added Services
  • Wholesale Service Catalogue
  • Wholesale Rating & Charging
  • Wholesale Billing
  • Wholesale Invoicing

Telecom Operator

Let’s assume that you’re an existing telecom operator or Mobile Network Operator with a big legacy environment, and you want or need to open your network up to MVNOs. With opening your network to enable MVNOs you can gain many additional subscribers and thus increase your market share.

The Pareteum MVNE solution makes this easy, without requiring any major changes to your existing legacy platform. You can decide which core network components you want to use from your existing platform and which ones you want to add. In this way you can create your optimal MVNE platform.

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New company

Let’s say you founded a new business and want to offer mobile or IoT services to other companies. To do so, you’ll need a platform capable of integrating or connecting with the infrastructure of one or more telecom operators.

The Pareteum MVNE solution can be setup in the way you require and need, giving you the most flexible setup for activating MVNOs and or IoT Solution providers. Out solution is very flexible and can grow with you when your customers grow.

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Mobile Enabler (MVNE) or Mobile Aggregator (MVNA)?

The difference between a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) and a Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA) is very simple. In case of the MVNE there is in most cases a wholesale agreement required between the Mobile Operator and the MVNO. Whereas in case of an MVNA there is only one wholesale agreement between the Mobile Operator and the MVNA. The MVNA then signs up contracts directly with MVNOs which in some cases is preferred by the Mobile Operator to save time and to bypass contractual complexities.

The Pareteum MVNA solution is essentially a layer in our MVNE solution and enables you to configure MVNO wholesale pricing. It can also be used to create individuated prices, bundles, or packages for your MVNOs. It includes multi tenant Value Added Services. With one wholesale pricing, you’ll be able to deploy a single aggregated billing stream, shared by you and the Mobile Operators you work with, to facilitate customer billing.

Furthermore, the MVNA solution contains all the benefits of Pareteum’s MVNE solution and can be used to facilitate connectivity for Full MVNOs, Light MVNOs, branded resellers, IoT connectivity, and Machine 2 Machine (M2M) services.

Pareteum’s MVNE Will Fit Your Needs

The Pareteum MVNE solution is completely modular and can be set up in any way you want — as a Light MVNE, Full MVNE, or anything in-between.

The benefits of an MVNE environment include:

  • Layered architecture that isolates brands and virtual operators from the core network.
  • Operating cost reduction enables a ‘Pay as You Grow’ model; so, there’s no need to extend core Mobile Operator network elements.
  • Reduced churn allows subscribers to connect to brands and virtual operators.
  • Flexibility to engage new MVNOs and brands with a minimum of resources and time.
  • Product catalogue and complete control of MVNO-eligible services.
  • Multi tenant Value Added Services, like Voicemail, IVR, Contact Center, etc
  • Innovate new offerings that address unmet demands.
  • IoT and/or M2M can be included in the same environment

The MVNE environment can be used for light MVNOs or a full MVNOs depending on your setup.

Everything Is Possible

We’d be happy to sit down with you and your Mobile Operator service provider to define the interfaces, modules, infrastructure, and any other required components.

Together, we’ll be able to conceptualize the ultimate MVNE environment. And, of course, as you grow or as your requirements evolve, the platform can change with you.

As outlined above, the MVNE solution is completely modular and can be set up in any way you want. Moreover, it can be deployed in the public cloud, your private cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid configuration.

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