Telecall is a Brazil-based operator that offers smart internet and telephony solutions. Regulated by the country’s National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL), they operate a high-capacity fiber network delivering the highest standards of quality, speed, and accessibility. Moreover, they offer a wide range of value-added services (VAS) that give clients more productive, dynamic, and effective operations.

While Telecall offers traditional mobile services like voice and data to corporate clients, they also operate as a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler / Aggregator (MVNE / MVNA). This means they sell access to their core systems and networks to companies interested in launching their own mobile brands, services, or solutions — think Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), branded resellers, etc.


To do this, Telecall relies on Pareteum’s MVNE / MVNA solution.

Simplifying Access to the Brazilian Mobile Market

As an MVNE / MVNA, Telecall’s mission is to help companies launch their own cellular services, complete with their own branding and SIM cards. With Pareteum, they’re able to not only facilitate this, but also handle all aspects of MVNO management, from enablement to configuration.

As such, companies that launch mobile offerings via Telecall can leave the technical stuff to the experts while they focus on their strengths, like marketing, sales, and relationship-building.

What were the Challenges?

Launching Competitive Offerings in the Brazilian Market

Thanks to Pareteum’s MVNE / MVNA solution, Telecall can open the Brazilian telecommunications market to a wide variety of new players in an efficient and competitive manner.

Indeed, in a few short months, Telecall has helped launch numerous new mobile brands. These new mobile players are growing rapidly and have access not only to Telecall’s MVNO services, but their entire suite of value-added services as well.

What were the Results?