Pareteum for Schools, Universities, and Education Technology (EdTech)

Over the last few years, the education landscape has evolved in several important ways. For example, an uptick in remote learning has led many schools and universities to adopt e-learning and education technology (EdTech) solutions, along with a host of other digital tools for both classroom and administrative work.

These advances won’t be going away anytime soon, either. According to the World Economic Forum, students retain 25-60% more material when learning online compared to the classroom. As such, in the years to come, digitization is likely to become an essential feature of the education environment.

The Rise of Education Technology and the Digital Classroom

EdTech is evolving rapidly. As a result, online and in-person academic institutions have been adopting digital tools in growing numbers, enabling them to improve student experiences, generate revenue, and build more robust communities and alumni networks.

EdTech developers and academic institutions have focused especially on:

  • Making education more accessible.
  • Creating durable relationships with students, faculty members, alumni, etc.
  • Improving outreach via digital channels for communication and fundraising purposes.
  • Optimizing security for digital learning solutions.


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Pareteum's Products and Solutions

Pareteum offers a full suite of products and solutions for schools, colleges, universities, EdTech developers, and more!

How Can Schools, Universities, and Education Technology (EdTech) Companies Leverage Pareteum?

Mobile Services for Universities

Universities can offer branded mobile services to generate additional revenue while nurturing relationships with students, faculty members, employees, and alumni.

Global Cellular and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Application-to-Person (A2P), SMS, and Voice Messaging

For Outreach and Fundraising

Pareteum’s SMS and Voice messaging solutions make it easy for schools to engage with parents, students, and staff in real-time. They can be used for important calendar reminders, to promote fundraising events, to send emergency alerts, and more.

For Digital Security

EdTech companies and schools can also use SMS to bolster digital security for online tools, student portals, application portals, and more. For example, SMS is a great option for two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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