Internet of Things (IoT) Introduction

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important technology trends to emerge since the turn of the century. We are surrounded by connected Things — electronic devices, home appliances, automobiles, utilitarian devices, factory equipment, the list goes on. With billions of connected things currently in the market, and billions more expected to be introduced in the years to come, IoT touches every industry, every vertical, and every aspect of our lives.

At its core, IoT involves connecting things so they can communicate with each other. It evolved from Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies, which relied on point-to-point communication between devices.

However, IoT has since matured and can now facilitate communication between things on interconnected networks without requiring point-to-point connections.

As such, connectivity is critical to the rollout of any IoT project. Pareteum’s IoT solution is designed to cover all aspects of IoT service requirements. This includes:


More About Pareteum's IoT Solution

Pareteum’s Internet of Things (IoT) solution is flexible, scalable, multi-tenanted, and uses state of the art technologies. It was designed to ensure that any device, software, or connectivity type can be rapidly integrated and made fully interoperable with all other components of an existing IoT estate. The platform manages and secures the IoT infrastructure and associated data, enhancing the data with machine learning and predictive analytics to provide actionable device and connectivity insights.

Challenges concerning security, interoperability, costs, local knowledge, and storage make it difficult to take IoT solutions to market. Pareteum provides all the IoT components necessary for enterprises, service providers, and municipalities to deploy their solutions and maximize the benefits of their IoT strategies.

Key Features of Pareteum’s IoT Solution

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  • Multi country, multi network connectivity over cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), Wi-Fi, and LPWAN technologies.
  • Powerful Connectivity Management Platform.
  • Providing a single-entry point for IoT partners.
  • Self-service portal provided for IoT partners.
  • Full granular control to manage and monitor connectivity and related service aspects (I.e. rating, billing, reporting, provisioning, logistics, etc).
  • An open interface for interacting with other environments, such as device management environments.

IoT solutions facilitate: cost-efficient technology solutions, operational cost savings, the delivery new products and revenue streams, the development of environmental projects, information data services, IoT device management, efficient planning and delivery, improvements in transportation and logistics, sensor monitoring, the provision of value-added services, and more!

Learn more about Pareteum’s IoT solutions:

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Presented by Chris Hills, Pareteum’s Vice President of Global Connectivity and Procurement, with an assist by Mehul Vora, Vice President of Sales Engineering, this webinar covers various IoT trends, including how eSIMs and Soft SIMs will impact future IoT solutions; how IoT has changed the game for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs); and the rise of connected cars.

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