Operations Support System (OSS)

The Operations Support System (OSS) offered within the Pareteum Mobile Service Suite was designed to function as an interface for any network, whether mobile, fixed, OTT, broadband, TV, or otherwise. The OSS architecture is scalable both horizontally and vertically.

Pareteum’s OSS leverages global standards, protocols, and techniques, making it easy to integrate into any existing environments.

Functional — Operations Support System (OSS)

Pareteum’s OSS can be divided into 4 functional categories:

Pareteum - Service delivery - Assurance - Value Added Services & Content Delivery - Fulfilment

Details — Operations Support System (OSS)

1. Service Delivery

OSS service delivery leverages real-time interfaces for session control, including direct and real-time integration within the BSS and core network layer. This includes:

  • FMC
  • Intelligent routing/roaming
  • CDR mediation
  • DOB/payments

2. Service Assurance

Service assurance refers to the systems, tools, policies, and processes operating in a high-availability mode that keep the services “Always On” and ensure services meet the quality standards necessary for optimal subscriber experience. Service assurance includes:

  • Network Operations Center/Service Operations Center
  • Platform monitoring
  • Service monitoring
  • High availability
  • Node- and site-redundancy
  • Geo-redundancy
  • Disaster recovery

3. Value Added Services & Content Delivery

Value-added services are services that provide extra value to end-users. For example:

4. Service Fulfilment

Service fulfilment is the provisioning of products and services. It involves either a single or a series of supply chain activities responsible for assembling services and making them available to subscribers. Service fulfilment hosts interfaces for both internal (rate plans, bundles, reloads, etc.) and external (MNP, OTT services, etc.) service activations. It may include:

  • Network provisioning
  • Number portability
  • Third-party provisioning
  • Order fulfillment
  • Order activation

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