Start Your Own Mobile / Cellular Business!

Anybody can enter the mobile / cellular industry — even you!

The Pareteum platform is perfect for Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE), Mobile Virtual Network Aggregators (MVNA), and enterprises and organizations of all sorts. It’s flexible enough to address service wholesale and enterprise application-based solutions and our elite global team understands the mobility market better than anyone.

Pareteum offers a global connectivity platform that provides access the largest aggregated network on the planet, with coverage in 200+ countries and territories. With a specialized Business Support System (BSS), Pareteum enables service providers of all shapes and sizes to manage their mobility services, network connectivity, and day to day operations.

These days, the telecommunications industry is more competitive than ever. And as the regulatory environment continues to evolve around the world, service providers will need the right tools to stay ahead of their competition. Pareteum provides everything you need to expand your services into new markets and territories. It also makes it possible for you to differentiate your current offering in markets you already serve.

While the regulatory situation still ultimately defines market conditions, such as openness and policy, our platform is perfect for businesses operating in both early stage markets and more sophisticated, mature markets. Our mobility services can be integrated in a variety of ways, ranging from deep integration to light integration, and provide access to MNOs, Satellites, and global Wi-Fi networks.

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