Wing Mobile Takes Flight

Wing Mobile, a New York-based developer-led start-up likes to aim high.

Its mission is to provide better service than major mobile carriers while giving customers significant cost savings .

It refunds customers for any data which remains unused at the end of a billing cycle, an offer which has led to rave reviews on Wing’s website.

So how did a small start-up with no mobile network quickly launch a disruptive mobile brand capable of competing against the major carriers?

The answer: Pareteum’s Experience Cloud platform.

In-Control Experience

Pareteum Experience Cloud enabled Wing Mobile to offer customers global mobile service defined by simplicity and fairness.

Streamlined self-service and software-based automation capped with an appealing user interface put their customers in control of the experience.

With Pareteum Experience Cloud, communications service providers can quickly capture new markets outside of their network footprint or launch new brands with no upfront investment.

Experience Cloud runs on Pareteum’s Smart Network, offering secure mobile connectivity between cellular and dense Wi-Fi in over 200 territories worldwide so customers don’t have to worry about costly roaming fees.

What were the Challenges?

API-Driven Communications

Pareteum gives Wing Mobile a single point of control and management for its subscribers and its service offering.

Wing can choose from a broad selection of API-driven communications products that continually increase the quality, value and competitive strength of its mobile service.

Pareteum Experience Cloud enables communications services providers to create the experiences they want to deliver from one cloud platform and one global network.

What were the Results?