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January 29, 2018

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Pareteum Adds IP/PBX Features into Global Cloud and Managed Service Offering


Pareteum Adds IP/PBX Features into Global Cloud and Managed Service Offering
New Service Delivery Enhances Capabilities of Platform
Extends Opportunity for Service Providers to Merge Mobile and VOIP Customers

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, January 29, 2018 – Pareteum Corporation (NYSE American: TEUM), (“Pareteum” or the “Company”), the rapidly growing Cloud Communications Platform company, today announced it has completed development of capabilities to host VoIP/PBX solutions on its Global Cloud Platform (Voice over Internet Protocol, Private Branch Exchange).

The new commercial VoIP feature being offered to all Pareteum’s Global Cloud customers is synergistic with the existing cloud services platform. These new features enable vertically integrated services that expand Pareteum’s addressable market into the merged Mobile and VOIP/PBX services arena; this means your desktop, laptop and mobile device can perfectly mirror your virtual office IP/PBX, anytime and anywhere. Other examples of use include enterprises or call centers with multiple sites and multiple numbers managed by one cloud. This scalable new telephony platform interconnects with popular communication protocols and provides features on demand without tedious development work.

According to a report by Zion Research, “The global demand for VoIP services market is expected to reach above USD 140 billion in 2021.” Research also suggests CAGR is expected to grow at a rate of 10% by 2021, and it’s estimated that there are approximately 1 billion users of mobile VoIP today.

Vic Bozzo, CEO of Pareteum, stated, “These platform enhancements are a natural fit for our customers as IP/PBX subscribers merge together with mobile connections. The offering expands the services our customers can deliver. This continues the goal for our Global Cloud Services Platform to be a single solution for the needs of the market.”

Hal Turner, Executive Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Pareteum, added, “Increasing the breadth of offerings through complete vertical integration and ongoing expansion of application solutions for our customers is a top priority. With this addition to our cloud, we welcome the opportunity to support more unique connections (subscribers, devices, and their usage); it is our experience that customers, especially enterprises and local businesses, want to deal with one trusted vendor for all their mobile and IT needs. The Pareteum services suite is optimized for that, as well as, secure Blockchain payment systems. We think this combination touches the heart of needs for businesses of all sizes. As we make it easier and easier for our customers to do business with us, and to get all their needs met from one trusted source, we expect our satisfied customer count to continue its rapid growth. The demand derived from adding these services expands our addressable market, and will drive revenue and connections growth through our sales successes.”