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January 27, 2022

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Pareteum to Deliver Expanded Global Connectivity to Troverlo’s Global Observation Network

Pareteum will provide expanded global connectivity to Troverlo Inc, a leading asset tracking and Internet of Things (IoT) data collection company that specializes in offline data capture.

Troverlo provides a patented, ground-breaking location tracking and data collection service, which enables customers to collect key insights from assets and sensors at a lower total cost of ownership than any other technology.

The Troverlo platform enables any Wi-Fi chipset to be compatible with the Troverlo Global Observation Network. By supplementing this with the Pareteum smart network, Troverlo will increase its reach, efficiency, and power, and enable their global customer base to deploy location and IoT services in areas where they have never been able to before.

In addition, by leveraging the Pareteum Experience Cloud’s IoT connectivity and management solution, Troverlo will enable any Troverlo-managed tag or asset to be detectable on a global scale, without the need for internet connectivity.

“Consistent, global, real-time data is essential for our customers,” said Cody Catalena, CEO of Troverlo, “By integrating the Pareteum Experience Cloud’s IoT solution into our Global Observation Network, we’re able to provide them with data that’s both timely and robust, no matter where they’re operating across the globe.”

The Pareteum Experience Cloud facilitates access to the world’s largest global smart network, unifying cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity in over 200 countries and territories. This makes it a perfect connectivity solution for IoT deployments across all industries. In addition, the Experience Cloud leverages the Pareteum smart network to enable an array of other mobility, engagement, and analytics offerings. These include telecommunications solutions for mobile service providers, SMS and voice messaging, location intelligence, and a host of value-added services.

“Troverlo’s Global Observation Network is an exceptionally unique technology,” said Christine Braelow, Pareteum’s Global Vice President of Sales for Enterprise and Brands, “By bolstering it with the Pareteum Experience Cloud, we believe it has the potential to revolutionize the location insights and IoT marketplace.”