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April 16, 2020

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Crisis Management A Pareteum Messaging Success Story

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The Pareteum Experience Cloud Messaging Solution was chosen by a developer of crisis management and early warning systems to deliver emergency SMS alerts.

Any marketer can tell you that SMS messaging campaigns are among the most effective ways to engage customers and consumers.

Indeed, according to a study by the company Business 2 Community (B2C), SMS messaging campaigns achieve open rates well in excess of 90% – often reaching as high as 98%.

By comparison, when marketers send out an email campaign, the goal is to squeak out something in 15-25% range. And even so, hitting that target requires meticulously timed deliveries (on either a Tuesday or a Thursday) and pithy, A/B tested subject lines.

So, why do SMS messages so thoroughly outperform other methods of delivery? B2C makes two astute observations:

  1. Users generally receive a notification anytime they’re texted, a rarity for emails; and
  2. US consumers receive an average of 88 emails per day, compared to only 32 texts.

But there is another major advantage: most SMS messages are opened within mere seconds of delivery.

“This immediacy creates a huge opportunity for marketers.” notes B2C, “Since they’re opened quickly, SMS marketing can communicate offers that need to be acted on quickly. Notifications about flash sales, limited time offers, and back-in-stock alerts are all excellent candidates.”

SMS Engagement: More than Marketing

Now, while B2C focuses their analysis on the marketing world, the expediency of SMS engagements can be leveraged for more than mere consumer outreach.

Take, for example, one of the world’s leading developers of early warning, information, and communication systems for crises and other emergencies.

They identify and analyze critical events happening across the globe and display them in a web-based geo-information system.

Their warning system then automatically alerts organizations to trending risks and provides actionable data on how these risks could potentially impact employees, customers, supply chains, and other mission-critical stakeholders, systems, and operations.

They understand, moreover, that global crises, natural disasters, political unrest, and otherwise routine setbacks wait for nobody. As such, they understand how necessary it is to deliver timely alerts no matter what, no matter when, and no matter where.

For this reason, they decided to leverage the Pareteum Experience Cloud platform to bolster their integrated communication system. With Pareteum they can now deliver critical messages and reports to clients, guests, customers, and employees directly via SMS.

Currently, their customers receive text alerts regarding relevant risk events – be they political unrest, strikes, natural disasters, etc. In the future, however, customers will also be able to obtain detailed insights into these events by texting the company and requesting more information.

By partnering with Pareteum, they are able not only to create a faster, more reliable early-warning system, but to also help tour operators and SMEs fulfill their duty of care and to internally document and process relevant events.

As the company’s managing director put it: “Whether it’s a hurricane, airport strike, or terrorist attack: It is of immense importance for tour operators and SMEs to provide their guests and employees with important information in a timely manner.”

Harness the Power of SMS Engagement with the Pareteum Experience Cloud Messaging Solution

The Pareteum Experience Cloud Messaging Solution offers programmable B2B and B2C messaging that enables businesses, governments, non-profits, and other organizations to engage with customers, consumers, colleagues, and constituents all over the world.

It comes with multi-channel mobile engagement and real-time delivery analysis to track the progress of each message. If delivery is unsuccessful, modifiable fallback options enable the automated conversion of messages to different formats and platforms (i.e. from text, to voice, to Facebook Messenger).

The Experience Cloud Messaging Solution is also simple to use. Our customer portal facilitates campaign creation and management right out of the box, with no installation. It can also be leveraged to manage channel configuration and the establishment of fallback cascade options.

Moreover, our easily integrated API can facilitate the delivery of campaigns created in organizations’ existing Customer Relationship Management systems.

Key Features:

  • Text Messaging (A2P, P2P)
  • Voice messaging (Available in 15 languages)
  • Programmable APIs
  • Delivery Confirmations
  • Suitable for all industries
  • Inbound Services / 2-way Messaging
  • Number Lookup Services
  • Home Location Registry (HLR)
  • Automated opt-in/opt-out

Key Benefits:

  • Tier 1 A2P Provider
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Proprietary messaging gateway based on a carrier grade SMSC
  • Global reach of mobile networks and landlines
  • Optimal Delivery Rates and Data Security
  • Open Connectivity SMS Hub Provider certified by the GSMA
  • Own network infrastructure accessible for everybody

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