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February 11, 2021

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The Internet of Anything — Powering Your IoT Solutions with Pareteum | Watch the webinar

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Our latest webinar, The Internet of Anything — Powering Your IoT Solutions with Pareteum, is done and dusted!

Presented by Chris Hills, Pareteum’s Vice President of Global Connectivity and Procurement, with an assist by Mehul Vora, Vice President of Sales Engineering, the webinar covered various IoT trends, including how eSIMs and Soft SIMs will impact future IoT solutions; how IoT has changed the game for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs); and the rise of connected cars.

In addition, Chris introduced viewers to Pareteum’s IoT solutions, focusing on the following:

  • Pareteum Smart Network: Top-tier connectivity via cellular and Wi-Fi networks across 200+ countries and territories, with intelligent network selection for optimized performance, cost, and reach.
  • IoT Connectivity Management Platform: Complete control over your IoT deployments; from real-time controls over voice, SMS, and data, to billing and accounting.
  • Location-Based Intelligence: Anonymized, actionable first-party location data that can be leveraged to build engaging digital experiences and monetize customer insights.

We’ll do a more comprehensive recap in just a moment. However, if you missed the presentation and would like to give it a listen, you’re in luck!

We recorded the entire session — Q&A and all! — so you can watch it at your own leisure. Check it out:

If you have any questions about Pareteum’s IoT solutions, reach out to our team!

Now, time for the recap! Here’s what we covered…


1. The Value of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has ushered in a new era of technological innovation, endowing even simple consumer appliances with the potential to change the world.

Consider the humble thermostat. By optimizing temperature controls in millions of homes across the globe, smart thermostats can drastically reduce demand for electricity. This:

  • Increases power plant capacity.
  • Lowers carbon emissions.
  • Reduces monthly consumer utilities bills.

Extrapolate these benefits over time and across industries and you’ll understand why the IoT space is flourishing.


2. What Does the IoT Market Look Like Today?

While the consumer data company Statista notes that the IoT industry generated $100 billion in market revenue in 2017, they anticipate that figure will reach $1.6 trillion by 2025.

To add some perspective to that growth, consider the following. Back in 2017, McKinsey estimated that roughly 127 new IoT devices connected to the Internet every second. However, in August 2018, there were roughly 7 billion IoT devices worldwide. Today, there are 31 billion. So, between August 2018 and today, an average of over 300 new IoT devices came online every second!

The automobile industry offers a great case study for the value of IoT. Connected solutions enable manufacturers and OEMs to improve everything from Telematics to preventive maintenance, accident prevention, and entertainment systems. Manufacturers and dealerships can even conduct remote software updates, across their entire inventory, from a single device.

So, the opportunities in the connected vehicle space are enormous. Gartner estimates there are currently 250 million connected cars worldwide, with an estimated market size of $53.9 billion. This is expected to reach $166.0 billion by 2025.


3. IoT Opportunities for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

IoT has also created opportunities for OEMs operating across countless industries. For example:

  • In farming and agriculture, smart environmental monitors are being used to track climate, soil, and plant conditions to help maximize crop yields. By attaching sensors to farming equipment (tractors, backhoes), manufacturers can help farmers troubleshoot technical problems in real time.
  • In healthcare, Bluetooth-enabled medical equipment (hospital beds, wheelchairs) can help hospital managers keep track of limited hospital resources. Wearables (heart rate and blood pressure monitors) can be used to monitor vital signs and automatically send life-saving data across facilities in real time and in a matter of seconds.
  • In retail, smart shelves can help stores manage inventory while enabling point-of-sales systems that allow shoppers to skip the checkout line. Bluetooth beacons can send timed and targeted notifications (discount vouchers, event invites, etc.) to smartphones within a geographical coverage area. They can also be used to measure foot traffic to make informed staffing and service decisions.


4. IoT Technology is Getting Better!

IoT and connectivity technologies are improving, promising vastly more sophisticated use cases in the years to come.

For instance, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 will deliver: better transmission speeds; lower latency, facilitating real-time remote execution; more capacity for connected devices, improved scalability; and the ability to implement virtual networks (network slicing).

eSIMs and Soft SIMs, meanwhile, eliminate the logistical complexities of installing and managing physical SIM cards, while simplifying the administration of large IoT deployments.


5. This is Where Pareteum Comes In!

We provide IoT and connected device manufacturers with an end-to-end solution capable of facilitating device connectivity, management, and location intelligence.

The Pareteum Smart Network:

  • Global Coverage — Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity in 200+ countries and territories, including the option of inflight Wi-Fi on over 5,000 planes from 40 leading airlines.
  • Intelligent Network SelectionPareteum SmartConnect hands off between Wi-Fi and cellular, choosing the best available network for a user’s needs.
  • The Pareteum eSIM — A single, unlocked eSIM, which can be installed on any device, regardless of deployed location. It facilitates remote programming and management of the device.

IoT Connectivity Management Platform:

  • Connectivity for administrator and CuCa portal
  • SIM load
  • Internet connectivity for e-Portal
  • Logistics provider
  • Provisioning HLR/HSS and LDAP
  • OTA server
  • Real-time controls: voice, SMS, and data
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Data warehouse
  • Payment service provider

Monetizable Location Intelligence:

Leverage the smart network to capture unique, actionable first-party location data that empowers you to build and monetize new customer insights, manage inventory, and improve digital experiences.

  • Keep track of inventory, equipment, devices, shipments, etc.
  • Facilitate targeted customer engagement; improve segmentation and attribution.
  • Make informed staffing and service decisions based on foot traffic.


6. And That’s Pareteum!

Pareteum offers a unified cloud-communications platform capable of empowering limitless IoT solutions with global cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity.

We enable enterprises, communications service providers, internet service providers, mobile operators (MNOs, MVNOs, Light MVNOs, Full MVNOs, etc.), early-stage innovators, developers, IoT, and telecommunications infrastructure providers with the freedom and control to create, deliver, and scale innovative communications experiences.

The Pareteum platform connects people and devices around the world, using the secure, ubiquitous, and highly scalable solution to deliver data, voice, video, SMS, media, and content enablement.

Don’t forget to watch the webinar: