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January 14, 2021

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Gamification as an Instrument for Digital Engagement


Customer engagement is a term that tends to conjure a host of dreary images. Humdrum customer support platforms, listless social media posts, the occasional video advertisement, and no shortage of public domain images and bloodless snap-and-clap background music. But mercifully, that’s changing.

Within the context of an apparently boundless digital transformation, access to digital communications channels has become more democratized than ever before. As a result, customer outreach practices have begun to traverse the terrain of digital engagement.

This means two things. The first is that practically everybody, from Walmart to your local cobbler, now has a digital presence. The second is that, due to oversaturation, traditional modes of digital engagement and customer outreach no longer pack the same punch.


Customer Engagement in Telecommuncations

Consider the communications space. While Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) once dominated global markets, a combination of more efficient connectivity technologies and less onerous government regulations has drastically reshaped the telecommunications landscape.
The advent of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), offering unique business models and customer propositions, has enabled entrepreneurs to carve out profitable pieces of the market by pursuing hyper-specific demographics. These include travellers, families, low-income consumers, the elderly, and more.
Of course, this is fantastic news for consumers — never have data plans been so affordable or configurable. At the same time, it also means fruitful customer engagement is at an all-time premium. Consequently, service providers are beginning to look for fun new ways to engage with subscribers and attract new customers.


To The Moon Mobile and the Gamification of Customer Engagement

Case in point, our friends over at To The Moon Mobile have begun leveraging gamification — or, the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts — to disrupt the innate tedium of consumer data plans.

They’ve built a 1980’s arcade-style game called “Digital Space” that enables subscribers to earn anywhere from 2GB to 50GB of free mobile data. Not only has this cheeky twist on customer engagement earned them brownie points with their subscriber base, but it has also made waves across the telecommunications industry.

Gamification as an Instrument for Digital Engagement - To The Moon


Here is what Andy Hallam, To The Moon Mobile’s UK CEO, told

“Digital Space is another example of how we like to run a different ship at To The Moon Mobile – one with the customer in mind. Its why we are the first mobile brand on the market to offer a built-in crypto wallet, and now with Digital Space, a creative, fun way for mobile users to get more from their mobile service for less. Hot tip for any would-be Digital Space pioneers out there: it’s harder than it looks!”

To try your hand at Digital Space, click here. To learn more about To The Moon Mobile and the services they offer, click here.