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January 27, 2021

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WHITE PAPER: Boost Your Loyalty Program with Wi-Fi as a Benefit and SMS Outreach

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We’ve written a white paper! In it, we discuss how Pareteum Wi-Fi as a benefit and the Pareteum Messaging solution can help you build a unique and compelling loyalty program, with easily measurable results and monetizable customer insights. Download the paper now!

Building a rewards or loyalty program is no easy task. Whether you head up a Fortune 500 company with hundreds of retail locations around the globe or a boutique travel firm with a few dozen high profile clients, delivering an offering that is widely appealing to your clientele and which can be provisioned in a scalable way at reasonable costs is a tall order.

Fortunately, new technologies have drastically lowered barriers to entry. But this is something of a double-edged sword since it has created a vastly more competitive loyalty landscape. This in turn has led to increasingly personalized rewards programs and a scramble for the next differentiating offering.
Indeed, to stand out from the crowd, businesses need to develop loyalty programs that capture their customers’ attention, spur them to action, and deliver measurable metrics that can be easily tracked.

In this white paper we discuss two Pareteum offerings that can help businesses bolster their loyalty programs.

  1. Pareteum Wi-Fi
  2. Pareteum Messaging



Why Offer Wi-Fi as a Benefit?

Put simply: Wi-Fi is a popular and affordable way to connect.

  • Wi-Fi is more affordable than cellular. It also tends to be faster and can be accessed in areas cellular struggles to reach (indoors, for instance).
  • Streaming, making video calls, and accessing cloud apps are all twice as popular over Wi-Fi than cellular.
  • Over 50% of mobile workers say that a lack of Wi-Fi when working remotely negatively affects their productivity.

Pareteum Incenti-Fi Promotional Wi-Fi vouchers enable businesses to offer Wi-Fi as an incentive for customers to take specific actions, such as buying a product or service. This also gives organizations the opportunity to increase customer lifetime value.

FIND OUT HOW: Read the paper.


How Can Pareteum Messaging Boost Your Loyalty Program?

SMS (Short Message Service) and other direct messaging and OTT messaging channels are among the most vibrant customer outreach solutions on the market. Consider the following:

  • SMS messages boast open rates as high as 98%, while email marketing languishes in the 15-25% range (on a good day!).
  • It takes an average of 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text message, compared to 90 minutes for email.

In short, whether organizations would like to alert their customers about flash sales, limited time offers, “last chance to buy” opportunities, “back in stock” updates, or fluctuations in dynamic pricing, there’s no swifter, more efficient mode of communication than messaging.

Learn how Pareteum Messaging can help you drive sales and improve customer experience.


About Pareteum

Pareteum is an experienced provider of Communications Platform as a Service solutions. We empower enterprises, communications service providers, internet service providers, mobile operatorsfull MVNOs, light MVNOs, early-stage innovators, developers, IoT (Internet of Things), and telecommunications infrastructure providers with the freedom and control to create, deliver, and scale innovative communications experiences.

The Pareteum platform connects people and devices around the world using the secure, ubiquitous, and highly scalable solution to deliver data, voice, video, SMS/text messaging, media, and content enablement.
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