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October 23, 2019

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Intelligent Connectivity – It’s What Experience Cloud Was Built For

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As our team at MWC Los Angeles is enjoying a busy time meeting with customers, partners and prospects this week, we also have an eye on MWC Barcelona 2020. The mobile industry’s most prestigious event is only four months away. Our booth is booked, our annual party is planned and the team is already anticipating a packed and vibrant event.

The overarching theme for both the LA and Barcelona shows is “Intelligent Connectivity“, which could not be better aligned with the Pareteum proposition.

For mobile brands, whether they are established or new, launching or scaling, virtual operators or network owners, our Experience Cloud platform enables connectivity and mobility services that are intelligent from end to end.

Our SmartConnect solution allows mobile brands to steer end users’ devices between mobile and Wi-Fi networks according to a detailed understanding of the user’s current connectivity experience as well as their prospective experience on any other available network.

This powers fully automated — and fully educated — decision making about the customer experience. Our solution even factors in the end user’s particular activity — whether they’re on a VoIP call or in the middle of a streaming session, for example — to ensure the service they receive is perfectly calibrated to their needs in the moment.

Experience Cloud also makes it simple for brands to intelligently monitor and manage the devices they connect on the platform, whether they’re consumer smartphones, IoT sensors, or enterprise devices. Our Experience Builder and Experience Manager deliver tremendous flexibility in the creation of new offerings and services, and the ability to evolve those services in line with demand.

Meanwhile our Smart Network delivers intelligence back to customers in the form of rich, actionable location and network insights which enable the creation and delivery of even more sophisticated and highly targeted services to end users.

Indeed, intelligent connectivity is about much more than devices and networks. It is also about connecting people, and partners, to create better experiences for end users of all stripes. The expansion of the ecosystem we are building around Experience Cloud is one of the key drivers for our attendance at the MWC events in LA and Barcelona. We are tightly focused on enabling our partners to use our platform to monetize assets and exchange value with other ecosystem members.

Together with our partners and customers we have a huge opportunity ahead of us. One which we believe, to use another of the central concepts of the MWC events in LA and Barcelona, is truly limitless.