Pareteum’s Messaging services enable businesses and organizations of all types to personalize their communications strategies by helping them stay connected with their customers in real-time. This is facilitated by a wide range of messaging products and services, which are delivered via the Pareteum Experience Cloud platform.

Pareteum’s Messaging services include SMS Messaging, Voice Messaging, Two-Way MessagingOver-the-Top (OTT) Messaging, and Rich Communication Services (RCS) Messaging. Organizations can pick and choose which of these features they want to deploy and how they want to deploy them, based on their particular requirements.

Moreover, these Messaging services can be deployed quickly, thanks to an easy to integrate API that connects our customers directly to the Pareteum Experience Cloud platform. Then, once they’re up and running, they’ll be able to launch mobile marketing campaigns, send important notifications and alerts, enable smart delivery tracking, announce sales and offers, optimize security with one-time password (OTP), improve customer loyalty, and much more.

Pareteum’s Messaging Solutions are currently used by businesses and organizations all over the world and across a wide range of verticals. This includes international alert systems, domestic food delivery services, international OTTs, financial institutes, and much more.

Cloud Messaging Platform

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Certified Technology

Pareteum’s SMS hub is fully certified by the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA). Based on a proprietary Short Message Service Center (SMSC) platform, which is part of the Pareteum Experience Cloud, the SMS hub offers both global reach and an excellent quality of service.

In addition, Pareteum’s SMS hub is secured by GEO-redundant hardware and includes real-time replication and 24/7 monitoring. As such it guarantees maximum uptime.

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