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October 28, 2020

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Creating Market Leading Mobile Experiences | Watch the webinar

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Our latest webinar, Creating Market Leading Mobile Experiences, is officially in the books!

Presented by Bart Weijermars, CEO of Pareteum, the webinar covered a lot of ground, including how MVNOs, MNOs, and other communications service providers can differentiate their service offerings to outduel their closest competitors and stay one step ahead of some of the biggest carriers on the planet.

We’ll provide a more comprehensive recap in just a moment. However, if you missed the presentation and would like to give it a listen, you’re in luck! We recorded the entire session — Q&A and all! — so you can watch it at your own leisure. Check it out:


If you have any questions about the Pareteum Experience Cloud for Service Providers, reach out to our team!

Now, on to the good stuff. Here’s what we covered…


1. The Unique Challenges of the Telecommunications Industry

Whether you’re launching a new MVNO or expanding your existing mobile services, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Not only will you have to outduel other MVNOs, you’ll also have to stay one step ahead of some of the largest service providers on the planet. So, in order to outpace the competition, you’ll need to differentiate your service offerings.

Moreover, one of the most common challenges carriers face is figuring out how to develop offerings that appeal to their large subscriber-bases. Building offerings for such a broad and diverse group of consumers is an unenviable task that often results in:

  • Generic services
  • Rigid pricing
  • Uninspiring branding

As such, many consumers inevitably slip through the cracks. Subscribers end up paying too much for data they don’t need or otherwise requiring more data than they can afford.


2. This Is Where the Pareteum Experience Cloud Comes In…

It’s a fully managed, cloud-based solution, built to help service providers, carriers, global brands, and entrepreneurs launch their own MVNO, MVNE, or other branded mobile services and extend mobile services into new markets and territories.

This is facilitated primarily via:

Let’s examine both.


3. Comprehensive Service and Product Management

Pareteum offers complete visibility and control via either an end-to-end, portal-based subscriber and management solution or an API-facilitated solution. Both options offer:

  • Simplified multi-vendor telecoms management and operational processes
  • An interface offering visibility and control over connectivity service, including the ability to generate reports that provide usage stats and insights
  • Performance notifications, such as configurable alerts, notifications, and commands


4. The Pareteum Smart Network

The Pareteum Smart Network delivers unified access to global cellular and Wi-Fi networks with intelligent network selection for unbeatable performance, cost, and reach.

  • Global CoverageCellular and Wi-Fi connectivity in 200+ countries and territories, including the option of inflight Wi-Fi on over 5,000 aircraft from 40 leading airlines.
  • Intelligent Network SelectionPareteum SmartConnect hands off between Wi-Fi and cellular, choosing the best available network for a user’s needs and simultaneously helping service providers keep network costs down.


5. But There’s More to Pareteum Than Service Management and the Pareteum Smart Network!

Pareteum Experience Cloud is equipped with every component required to create market-leading mobile experiences. This includes:

  • Mobile voice and data
  • CRM and contact center
  • Billing systems
  • IoT connect
  • Messaging
  • Global cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Inflight connectivity
  • Product and revenue management
  • Operations and business support
  • Trusted identity and authentication
  • Location data
  • Security

Learn more about Pareteum Experience Cloud for Service Providers.


6. So, How Can You Leverage Pareteum to Differentiate Your Offering?

At a fundamental level, we believe that the more elements you control, the more control you have over the services and experiences you offer.

Take MVNOs, for example. They present MNOs and entrepreneurs alike with the opportunity to capture underserved customer segments. With Pareteum’s comprehensive menu of telecommunications solutions, businesses will have the pricing and branding independence necessary to create bespoke offerings that appeal to specific businesses or consumers (e.g. elderly, travelers). This includes control over:

  • Core Network
  • Applications & Services
  • Rating & Billing
  • Customer Care
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Etc.

And no matter how many elements you wish to control, Pareteum will have you covered, whether you’re a Full MVNO, Light MVNO, or a branded reseller.

Learn how Pareteum can help Full MVNOs and Light MVNOs.


7. Beyond Launching New Brands, Pareteum Also Enables You to Expand and Improve Your Existing Services

For instance, you can use Pareteum’s Smart Network to facilitate Wi-Fi offload or to build cutting edge IoT deployments.

Indeed, cellular networks are awesome, but they don’t work well everywhere (indoors, for instance), and cellular data is both limited and expensive. So, by offloading to Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to:

  • Consume less data and offer more competitive rates
  • Keep subscribers connected in venues that cellular networks struggle to reach
  • Offer a more efficient way for subscribers to consume digital content

Moreover, access to global cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity will enable you to diversify your services by offering cutting edge IoT solutions. By keeping smart devices connected, you’ll be able to facilitate:

  • Detailed tracking of vehicles and shipments
  • Reduced commute times via smart traffic lights
  • Municipal energy and water savings via smart LED streetlights or water meters
  • And much more!

Learn more about Wi-Fi offload for MVNOs, MNOs, and other Service Providers


And That’s the Pareteum Experience Cloud!

It’s the only single-source cloud-communications platform that provides limitless scale and control for the creation and management of mobile communications through APIs and the world’s largest unified global network.

If you have any questions about the how Pareteum can help you differentiate your mobile services, reach out to our team!

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