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December 5, 2019

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Enterprise Cloud Communication Trends and Challenges: Wi-Fi as a Benefit

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Building a rewards program is hard work. It doesn’t matter if you head up a Fortune 500 company with hundreds, if not thousands, of retail locations all around the world, or a boutique travel firm with a few dozen high profile clients – delivering an offering that is both widely appealing to your clientele and which can be provisioned in a scalable way at reasonable costs is a tall order by any measure.

Nevertheless, rational minds can agree on one thing: Wi-Fi.

The Popularity of Connectivity

When surveyed, credit card holders of one of the world’s largest banks named cost-effective, global connectivity as the leading benefit of maintaining their credit card contract. Indeed, the bank in question had recently begun delivering the Pareteum Wi-Fi SmartConnect service to their card holders.

Additionally, another business – a luxury retailer – saw an impressive near-50% uptick in signups for their customer rewards card after adding Pareteum Wi-Fi to its catalog of benefits.

Frankly, it should come as no surprise that Wi-Fi is as popular as it is. First and foremost, as an October 2019 report from the mobile analytics company Tutela demonstrates, Wi-Fi is a better, cheaper alternative to cellular. This is borne out in the fact that MNOs – like Verizon and AT&T – are frequently eclipsed by far scrappier MVNOs in terms of performance.

Indeed, it seems like every year there’s a veritable trove of new studies, statistics, and reports that detail the staggering growth in scope and scale of Wi-Fi consumption. For instance, a 2018 partnership between Fierce Wireless and Strategy Analytics discovered that Wi-Fi accounted for a stunning 75% of all mobile data traffic in the United States. Similar trends are beginning to take shape globally as well.

Moreover, back in 2017, the iPass Mobile Professional Report revealed just how reliant mobile workers have come on Wi-Fi. Consider these findings:

  • Nearly two thirds of mobile professionals feel anxious when they’re not connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi is more difficult to give up than many of man’s most common vices – think junk food, smoking, etc.
  • Over half of mobile workers say that a lack of Wi-Fi when working remotely negatively impacts their productivity.
  • Streaming, making video calls, and accessing cloud apps are all twice as popular over Wi-Fi than cellular.

All of this is to say that adding global connectivity to your company’s rewards program will be widely well-received. It will better position you to generate customer loyalty, drive more downloads and usage of your customer app, enable real-time communication with your customers via in-app messaging, bolster sales, and increase the value-per-customer of each sale.

Pareteum Wi-Fi SmartConnect as a Benefit

The Pareteum Wi-Fi SmartConnect platform offers your customers unlimited access on unlimited devices to the world’s largest aggregated Wi-Fi network. This means secure connectivity in over 60,000 hotels, nearly 5,000 aircraft, nearly 700 airports, and tens of millions of business and leisure venues all over the world.

The solution also comes with the Pareteum Last Mile VPN to keep your customers’ data safe where it’s most vulnerable. In addition, the One-time Password feature provides another layer of security that helps them keep their credentials hidden.

Pareteum Wi-Fi SmartConnect comes as one unified user experience via our SmartConnect client and mobile app. It delivers seamless access to Wi-Fi at high demand locations and venues in over 200 countries and territories by enabling users to automatically connect to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots without being required to jump through hoops, such as: access portals, walled gardens, payment screens, or log-in screens.

Finally, because we offer the service at fixed, per-user, per-month rates, there’s no need for your customers to take out their credit cards and make payments on the go.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your company can leverage the Pareteum Wi-Fi SmartConnect offering to bolster your rewards program, feel free to reach out to our sales team here.