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August 27, 2019

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Experience Cloud – Launch of an Ecosystem

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When we launched the Pareteum Experience Cloud earlier in the summer it marked the conclusion of an intensive integration project to combine a number of highly complementary software assets into a single cloud platform.

But it was also the beginning of a much larger project – the creation of a new ecosystem focused on transferring control of communications and connected experiences to the brands and service providers at the front line of mobility, IoT, and enterprise communications.

An ecosystem with the Experience Cloud at its heart, enabling a broad range of companies with assets of their own to use our platform for the exchange and realization of value.

Naturally we remain entirely committed to ongoing development and refinement of our core product. We have developed this software platform in-house and it is central to our value proposition, and our value.

And yet there is an enormous related opportunity in allowing third party application developers or asset owners to use our platform to expose those assets to our customer base.

You might be a municipality with smart city data you wish to share or monetize. You might be a network operator with capacity to fill, a developer of IoT applications, or a media and content provider looking to reach a wider market. For all these things and very many more there would be clear demand among our broad customer base.

And as we build that base, adding hundreds of customers each year in the IoT, CSP and Enterprise sectors, we are effectively aggregating a huge market that you as a third-party solution provider will be able to access through this ecosystem. Much like smartphone app developers use Apple’s App store or Google’s Play store.

In many cases we expect that applications which have been developed using Experience Cloud capabilities will in turn be made available to a wider market over the very same platform. Already we have developers of IoT applications for smart water meters and intelligent street lighting doing just that.

The potential of this platform ecosystem is enormous. Imagine a mobile brand which uses Experience Cloud to deliver service to its target market. While that brand may exist to provide certain mobile or media experiences, it is also, via Experience Cloud, generating a mass of monetizable data thanks to our extensive location awareness capabilities.

Our Smart Network, thanks to Pareteum software on end user devices, understands when those devices appear at specific locations and venues. That data, anonymized and aggregated along with comparable data from many other customers, has tremendous value to a developer of location-based services.

Our platform will offer a means to share that data and derive value from it, either in pure revenue terms, in the form of discounted services, or through an exchange which provides access to some other capability made available via the Experience Cloud.

The opportunities, possibilities, and permutations are limitless.

‘Platform’ is an interesting word. Journeys begin on platforms. Podiums are platforms used by people to make themselves visible to an audience, to make themselves heard, to share ideas. Platforms are launchpads.

Each of these meanings has relevance to the ecosystem we are building around our own platform, and the journey has just begun.