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January 14, 2020

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Introducing Pareteum Incenti-Fi

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Marketing organizations are always looking for fresh ways to grow their company’s customer base and reach existing customers with new products and promotions.

However, it’s a noisy world out there. In order to be heard businesses must come up with promotions and incentives that:

  1. Capture their customers’ attention,
  2. Spur them to action,
  3. Stay within their marketing budget, and
  4. Deliver on measurable, tangible metrics that can be easily tracked.


Pareteum Incenti-Fi Promotional Wi-Fi Vouchers

With Pareteum Incenti-Fi Promotional Wi-Fi Vouchers, businesses can overcome these marketing challenges and incentivize their customers by offering them access to the Pareteum global Wi-Fi network when they take a specific action, such as purchasing a product or service.

Pareteum makes it convenient for companies to electronically acquire vouchers and distribute them via an app, email, website, or even hardcopy. This highly measurable form of marketing helps businesses quickly, conveniently, and easily achieve their conversion goals.

Incenti-Fi may also be distributed as an entitlement or subscription program. While this provides more flexibility, it requires that businesses leverage the Pareteum SmartConnect SDK and user management API. Thus, for the sake of expediency, this article will refer to the voucher program as the default offering.


Everyone Loves Wi-Fi

Everyone wants to be connected, whether it’s for work or leisure. Easy internet access lets people respond to emails, update social media, and stream their favorite content.

Unfortunately, cellular data can be expensive, especially for high-bandwidth activities. Moreover, it’s not always available.

So, it’s unsurprising that, when surveyed, consumers prefer Wi-Fi to cellular. In fact, 63 percent of mobile users prefer to connect to Wi-Fi rather than use cellular data services.


Easy Access to the World’s Largest Wi-Fi Network

Pareteum’s Incenti-Fi vouchers give voucher recipients instant access to the Pareteum global Wi-Fi network. This includes access to more than 50 million hotspots in over 200 countries and territories around the world. They’ll be able to connect in flight, at the airport, in the hotel, and in millions of local businesses and outdoor venues across the globe.

Once a recipient redeems their Incenti-Fi voucher, they can connect seamlessly and securely to the Pareteum network with a single sign-on and without the hassle of entering their login information, user credentials, credit card, or social media information.


Easy Campaign Management

If global Wi-Fi access isn’t reason enough for businesses to offer their customers Incenti- Fi vouchers, easy campaign management lets them launch their Incenti-Fi campaign in an expeditious manner:

  • The vouchers are easy to deploy. Companies can simply order voucher codes from Pareteum, embed them in their promotion, and they’re ready to go.
  • See results quickly. Within days of ordering their vouchers, businesses can have their campaign up and running with strong conversion rates.
  • The results are easy to measure. Pareteum provides voucher uptake and activation metrics that give highly accurate insight into campaign effectiveness.


Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Once a business has leveraged Incenti-Fi to drive conversions, they still need to keep their customers loyal.

Nothing helps companies build lasting relationships with their clients more than knowing what they like and personalizing their experience. By understanding what brands or services their customers are interested in, businesses can address both competitive threats as well as affiliate and affinity marketing opportunities.

But how can this be achieved?

By deploying Pareteum’s Incenti-Fi promotional vouchers in tandem with Pareteum Location Intelligence Data, businesses can gather valuable insights that facilitate the development of relevant, targeted offers.

Since customers will thus be provided with more timely, personalized experiences, they will be more likely to make purchases. This in turn enables businesses to increase the average value of each customer lifetime.


How It Works

When businesses deploy an Incenti-Fi promotion, a percentage of their customers or prospects will install the Pareteum SmartConnect app on their phone to access the Pareteum global Wi-Fi network.

Once the Pareteum app has been installed on a user’s phone, it monitors the Wi-Fi hotspots that are encountered by the user and sends this information to the Pareteum SmartConnect cloud. Pareteum Location Intelligence Data – which is GDPR compliant – is derived from this information and provides a highly accurate picture of device locations.

The diagram below is a heatmap that was created with Pareteum Location Intelligence Data (visualization not included with Pareteum Location Intelligence Data). It shows the density of Pareteum-enabled devices within the venue, where red implies higher density.


Incenti-Fi hotspots

Pareteum Location Intelligence Data includes the following information about users’ devices:

  • Device ID
  • Device type, OS, and version
  • Device location: latitude, longitude, and altitude
  • Wi-Fi connections: Wi-Fi network names and access points
  • Wi-Fi networks encountered (but not connected to): Wi-Fi network names and access points

Pareteum Location Intelligence Data is highly accurate indoors and outdoors and includes street and retail locations. Importantly, Pareteum Location Intelligence Data does not include any personally identifiable information.


How to Get Started 

Getting started is simple. Contact your Pareteum representative to get voucher codes for your next Incenti-Fi promotional campaign. Pareteum will create co-branded voucher redemption and voucher activation web pages to which you can direct your customers during your campaign. Once your campaign is complete, Pareteum will provide voucher-related metrics so you can get a complete view of your campaign’s success. If you’ve opted to use Pareteum Location Intelligence Data, you will receive this as well. You will then have unparalleled insights into where to target your next campaign and product offerings.

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