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September 9, 2019

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Pareteum Engage Proximity Marketing – No Other Solution Comes Close

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For brands that want to drive successful customer engagement, location is one of the most powerful contextual data layers available. The reason is simple: Location-based engagement guarantees relevance to the recipient.

This is reflected in the increased spend among brands on location-based mobile advertising. According to a study by BIA/Kelsey, location-targeted advertising spend in the USA alone is set to grow from $26.5bn in 2019 to $38.7bn in 2022.

The power of location lies not just in understanding where the customer is but also in using that knowledge to understand precisely when to engage them.

For a brand that operates brick and mortar stores, a grocery chain for example, engaging customers as they enter the store but before they have made their purchasing decision creates a unique moment of influence. One that can be used to recommend products, deliver alerts relating to special offers, or provide coupons to encourage increased spend.

Or think about a cinema group which has partnered with a restaurant chain to offer discounts to loyalty card holders. The best time to engage customers to promote that benefit – and drive uptake of the loyalty card – is when they are in or near one of those restaurants, because the benefit is highly relevant.

And, of course, location can also be used in more provocative ways. Burger King recently ran a location-targeted campaign which offered app users who were close to a McDonalds restaurant the opportunity to purchase one of its signature Whopper burgers for just one cent, along with directions to its nearest restaurant.

Pareteum’s Engage Proximity solution has been developed to enable just such use cases, and many more. It gives brands the ability to deliver notifications to consumers’ smartphones as they enter venues, which can be chosen by type (supermarkets, airports, hotels) or by brand.

What makes Engage Proximity unique is the combination of reach and precision that it provides, along with the fact that it is entirely venue independent.

Bluetooth beacons are understood to offer great precision, but they are costly and time consuming to deploy, low in number out in the market, almost always under the control of the venue in which they have been deployed, and often tied to specific ecosystems.

Mobile network geo-fencing and GPS offer widespread coverage in terms of the geographic location of the consumer, and reasonable outdoor accuracy, but provide no insight into the specific venues the consumer are inside or near.

Because the Pareteum solution layers contextual information such as location, venue type, and venue name onto pre-existing Wi-Fi access points in venues all over the world, brands can leverage Engage Proximity to engage their customers in millions of places today, and venue owners can drive in-store engagement without having to deploy any new hardware.

Location makes engagement relevant, and Pareteum’s Engage Proximity solution delivers that relevance on a scale that cannot be matched.