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February 11, 2020

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Limitless Intelligent Connectivity Connecting Every Person and Every Thing 

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In honor of Mobile World Congress 2020 we will be using this space to explore the concept of Limitless Intelligent Connectivity. As we mentioned in a previous blog, over the next few days, we will focus on how Pareteum facilitates various aspects of connectivity between an enterprise and its employees, a business and its customers, and a city and its citizens.

Before we dig in, we have a few brief words about our presence at MWC20:

The Connected Future

The arrival of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 infrastructures has caused quite a stir in the mobile world. Paired with an increasingly relaxed regulatory environment and a torrent of new, sophisticated connectivity use cases aimed at improving efficiencies in communications, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, automotive, utilities, entertainment, and more, the industry is on track for something of an innovation goldrush as we head into a new decade.

Now, before you dust off your gold pan and head out to California to stake a claim, it’s important to reign in whatever visions of grandeur might lead you astray. Indeed, as any regional network operator worth its salt can tell you, “thinking big” is not the same as “thinking smart.”

In a previous MWC-related blog, we quoted the architect Antoni Gaudi to offer a word of caution to folks looking to seize the opportunity to lead the mobile industry into a new era. “Originality,” Gaudi proffered, “Consists of returning to the origin. Thus, originality means returning, through one’s resources, to the simplicity of the early solutions.”

A perfect example of “thinking smart” and “returning to the simplicity of the early solutions” is the iPhone. Of course, while it is among the most important consumer products to hit markets in the last 20 years, Apple did not actually invent much – if anything all. Mobile phones had been around for decades, Blackberry and Palm Treo were ahead of the curve on smartphones, and the concept of a digital software distribution platform (i.e. App Store) has roots dating back to the early 1990s.

No, the true genius of the iPhone, as it had been with the iPod, was the orchestration – the harmony that Apple mustered by leveraging the most sophisticated technologies to improve upon concepts that had been underdeveloped by existing market players. Simply put, Apple did it better. The iPhone was more intuitive, more versatile, faster, prettier, and way easier to use than any of its competitors. And, indeed, it changed the mobile industry practically overnight.

To this end, it is our belief that the solutions that will lead us into a more connected future will be those that best fulfill the real needs of real people, real groups, and real businesses. Moreover, insofar as existing solutions fulfill these needs, their successors will be those products that leverage the foremost technologies of the day to do so more efficiently. Thus, it is our mission to provide innovative connectivity solutions to the most innovative network operators.


Pareteum Experience Cloud

This takes us to the Pareteum Experience Cloud, the only single-source cloud-communications platform that provides limitless scale and control for the creation and management of mobile communications through APIs and the world’s largest unified global network.

Our solution offers unmatched wireless and Wi-Fi capabilities that deliver faster time-to-market for new offerings, flexible solutions for new enterprise and IoT opportunities, Wi-Fi offload in over 200 countries and territories, and overall reduced operational costs.

We work with telecommunications infrastructure providers and communications service providers to effectuate powerful new offerings that challenge the status-quo and increase the value of each connection and every relationship. To facilitate this, Pareteum Experience Cloud offers a variety of functionalities designed to simplify user experience without complicating service delivery.

Pareteum Experience Cloud comes with the following features:

  • Globel Cellular: Cellular connectivity in over 200 countries and territories.
  • Secure, Global Wi-Fi: High-quality Wi-Fi in over 200 countries and territories, including inflight connectivity on nearly 5,000 aircraft.
  • SmartConnect: Intelligent connectivity network selection for a seamless user experience.
  • Voicemail: Fully configurable voicemail with over 100 options and settings.
  • A2P Messaging: Fully programmable Application-to-Person text messaging.
  • Engage Proximity: Precision targeted advertising and engagement at millions of places.
  • Presence: Generate actionable, first-party location data.
  • Contact Center: Multi-channel engagement, including webchat and self-care.
  • Interactive Voice: Programmable interactive voice navigation, including outbound dialer.