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August 12, 2020

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Pareteum Experience Cloud | Enterprise Solutions 

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Pareteum Experience Cloud for Enterprise Quick Hitters:

Pareteum Experience Cloud for Enterprise facilitates a wide range of enterprise communications solutions — from secure global connectivity, to comprehensive customer engagement, and beyond!

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What is Pareteum Experience Cloud?

Before we dive into the Enterprise-oriented aspects of the Pareteum Experience Cloud, we should probably touch on what exactly Pareteum Experience Cloud is. The elevator pitch goes something like this: Pareteum Experience Cloud is the only single-source cloud-communications platform that provides limitless scale and control for the creation and management of mobile communications through APIs and the world’s largest unified global network.

Indeed, Experience Cloud was built to accommodate a wide variety of businesses and use cases. These include communications service providers (MVNOs, MNOs, ISPs, etc.), IoT and Smart City developers, and, of course, enterprise businesses.


What Solutions Does Pareteum Experience Cloud Provide?

Now that we’ve touched on the basics, let’s get a little more concrete.

The Pareteum Experience Cloud is composed of four product suites: Mobility, Engagement, Intelligence, and Control. Each suite is composed of a variety of solutions that businesses can leverage in any number of bespoke deployments. These cloud enterprise solutions, are as follows:

  1. Mobility
    a. Global Cellular
    b. iPass Wi-Fi
    c. SmartConnect
    d. Voicemail
  2. Engagement
    a. SMS/A2P Messaging
    b. Engage Proximity
    c. Presence
    d. Contact Center
    e. Interactive Voice
  3. Intelligence
    a. Location Insights
    b. Enterprise Insights
  4. Control
    a. Experience Builder
    b. Experience Manager

Want to learn more about Pareteum Experience Cloud’s solutions? Check out our product pages.


What About Pareteum Experience Cloud for Enterprises?

While enterprise businesses can mix and match the various Pareteum Experience Cloud solutions to their hearts’ content, the enterprise offering is typically centered around (1) improving business communications and (2) driving curated customer engagement experiences. Let’s take a look at both.


1. Business Communications — Free Your Workforce, Boost Productivity

Pareteum operates the largest integrated Wi-Fi and cellular network on the planet. This makes it possible for businesses to keep their employees connected to the people and things that matter most — whether they’re at home, at the corner café, or cruising 31,000 feet over Kalamazoo.

The Pareteum Wi-Fi SmartConnect solution delivers secure, door-to-door connectivity in 200+ countries and territories. This includes Wi-Fi access in:

  • Nearly 700 airports
  • More than 5,000 airplanes from 40 of the world’s leading airlines
  • Tens-of-thousands of hotels and hospitality sites
  • Hundreds-of-thousands of restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops
  • And tens-of-millions of commercial and community venues

In addition, all user connections are secured via the Last Mile VPN, helping businesses prevent potentially devastating cyberattacks.

Similarly, our global cellular solution offers businesses access to top tier voice and data connectivity from mobile networks in 200+ countries and territories. It can provide both in-market connectivity as well as international roaming. Our sophisticated web interface makes it simple for enterprise businesses to provision and manage their connections.

To learn more about our Wi-Fi solution, check out our blog on Pareteum Wi-Fi SmartConnect.


2. Engagement — Curated Customer Experiences

Enterprises can also use Pareteum Experience Cloud to boost customer engagement and create unique, customer-specific offers.
The most straightforward method is via Pareteum Messaging, our fully programmable B2B/B2C messaging service. With Pareteum Messaging, our clients can deliver messages to their customers across multiple channels, including SMS, voice, email, and other popular messaging apps. Message delivery is optimized to ensure every customer is effectively engaged by using real-time delivery analysis to track the progress of each message.
We recently ran an entire series of SMS-focused blogs. So, if you’re interested in learning more about how SMS and digital messaging can boost your business, we highly recommend checking them out:

Now, aside from A2P and P2P messaging, the other way to boost customer engagement with the Experience Cloud is with Pareteum Incenti-Fi Promotional Wi-Fi Vouchers. Businesses can use these vouchers to incentivize their customers by offering them access to the Pareteum global Wi-Fi network when they take a specific action, such as purchasing a product or service.

These vouchers can be electronically acquired and distributed via app, email, website, or even hardcopy. This highly measurable form of marketing helps businesses quickly and easily achieve their conversion goals.

To learn more about Pareteum Messaging and Incenti-Fi, be sure to download our latest white paper.


Want to Learn More?

Pareteum is an experienced provider of Communications Platform as a Service solutions. We empower enterprises, communications service providers, early stage innovators, developers, IoT, and telecommunications infrastructure providers with the freedom and control to create, deliver, and scale innovative communications experiences.

The Pareteum platform connects people and devices around the world using the secure, ubiquitous, and highly scalable solution to deliver data, voice, video, SMS/text messaging, media, and content enablement.

To Learn more about Pareteum Experience Cloud Enterprise solution, be sure to check out our website or reach out to our team.